Where to find charming postcard/stationeryshops in Paris?

Hi everyone!

I’m going to Paris for one day this summer. It’s going to be a big little adventure and I’m really looking forward to it:) Because it’s an ultra-short trip, I’m already orienting myself a bit. Does anyone know any lovely/charming/pretty shops for postcards or stationery? Or places I should visit?

(Actually I’m interested in every kind of recommendations:)
I’m looking forward to your tips!

Greetings from Holland, Kim

Hello, when do you come to Paris? If I am still in the capital, I would be happy to make you visit!
As for the postcard shop; I don’t have one precisely in mind, but you should go to two tourists shops in Avenue Soufflot to find cheap touristic postcards (12 for 2 euros, while in other shops it can be 1 for 1,50 or 1 euro). But you can find also old postcards in other places, especially the “bouquinistes” and the passage Verdeau.
When it comes to beautiful stamps, you have to go to Le Carrée d’Encre.
Please feel free to ask me any question, I didn’t want to be too long in my answer but would be happy to be helpful :blush: :fr:


Hello! I found your reply very useful, do you have any more shops/ resources to share? I can share Le Tampographe Sardon. I would really appreciate any tips, I will be in Paris in a week, thank you!