Where to buy stamps in Budapest?

Hello! I hope you can help me

A friend of mine is going to Budapest on a school trip, and he would love to send some postcards from there. They will be visiting the most popular touristic places, so he is confident to be able to find postcards there, but he is worried about stamps.

Do you know if shops or kiosks that sell postcards usually have international stamps too? Or he must go to a post office?
Is there just one kind of internation stamps, or there are different stamps for different geographic areas? How much is the stamp to sent ti Europe?

Thank you!

In this post office they have a philatelic section


I have also used the Budapest 5 post office several times. It’s all very efficient with a kiosk in different languages that gives you a ticket number and then you will be called up to a numbered counter. If interested in very specific stamps, the philatelic shop in the front of post office is also great, but has slightly reduced opening hours relative to rest of post office. The philatelic store closes for lunch, for example. I was able to purchase Hungary’s postcrossing postage stamp at the shop. There are of course also other post offices around Budapest.


When I was in Budapest I had difficulty finding this post office they were talking about open.
I chose to go to the post office next to the Keleti train station, they have several philately products on display. The only difficulty was finding someone who spoke English but with good will anything can be done.