Where to buy postcards - Melbourne, Australia

Hi all, my non-postcrossing husband is currently in Melbourne and trying to find tourist postcards to send to family. He says he’s struggling to find any. Do you have any advice on good places to buy tourist postcards in Melbourne?

There are lots of tourist shops near federation square on like Melbourne Souvenirs (224 Swanston St. They all carry postcards. If he is in Melbourne a bit longer and can order online this website has a good selection of cheap cards.

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Thank you!

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No problem. Most of the postcards are in the city but some bookshops in the suburbs have a small selection.

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Hello @TheOtherM,
Some of the vendors at Queen Vic Market sell touristy postcards. There is also a souvenir shop closer to Fed Square than Melbourne Souvenirs. It’s called Souvenirs Australia and has a yellow shopfront - it’s at 37 Swanston Street, between the Young and Jackson (on the Flinders Street corner of Swanston Street) and Subway (on the Flinders Lane corner of Swanston Street). There’s also a touristy shop on Elizabeth Street (between Flinders Lane and Collins Street) that sells souvenirs. They usually have postcards up in the door entrance so can easily be spotted as you walk past.

Hope these also help.


Thank you, yes! I’ve sent it all to him and he’s going to have a look at the weekend.

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I walked past the Old Melbourne Gaol today - top end of Russell St.
They had postcards for 20c each!! Quite a pile. Mostly related to the gaol, but some general Melbourne ones too.
That’s the best bargain I’ve seen for a long time!