Where to buy postcards? - JFK Airport

Hello all!

I’m traveling next month and will have layovers at JFK airport. Last time I searched an airport (LAX) during a layover for cards, I ended up with one postcard. I really want to bring home more than one postcard this time! Both domestic and international terminals are in play here :blush:

I appreciate any help at all!

What kinds of postcards are you looking for?? Airports are one of the worst places to buy them; the price per card is ridiculous.

Cliffside is right. Airports triple charge on 1 card. Any Hudson News store at the airport is a good place to look.

I know cards cost way more at the airport but I think I still buy them because I like writing “I bought this card on my trip to…” and then talking about my trip :joy: but I’ll look out for Hudson News stands, thank you!

Hi there! I work at JFK. Hudson News has a small selection of cards, and like the others have written, they’re pretty expensive. In Terminal 2, there’s a small selection of unique NYC cards, but the price is steep.

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