Where to buy postcards and stamps in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I’ll hopefully be visiting these three cities in September and I would love to send both some officials and some swaps so if anyone could help me with places to buy postcards and stamps I would appreciate it. Buying online in advance is possible if they accept US payment methods.

Sending PM.

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I haven’t been to Ljubljana but have visited other places in Slovenia and most post offices (Posta Slovenije), carry a selection of nice view cards and special stamps. Some even sell a pack of 10 cards for 3,50€.

International postage is currently 1,50€ (or a C-rate stamp), but you can also mix denominated and non-denominated stamps (A, B, and C) as long as you reach 1,50€.

Here are some of the latest stamps:


As for Croatia, I’ll link my reply from another topic here (there are also more replies regarding stamps there):

Almost all post offices in areas with lots of tourists sell a large selection of postcards and cards are generally widely available in souvenir shops and kiosks, although the post office is the cheapest place to get them in most cases.

…edited to add a link to the stamps gallery of Hrvatska pošta:


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Thank you for the great information!

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In Croatia you can get stamps in post offices. Some kiosks might also have them. You can check our online postal shop called epostshop to see payment and delivery options because most post offices don’t have a great variety. We’ve switched to euros this year so I’d stick with general A and B stamps. Those with value on them are sold in both old and new currencies and can be confusing to combine them. Postcards can be found in bigger post offices and in souvenir shops near the main square in Zagreb.

In Ljubljana I’d also go for the post office. Souvenir shops have stamps, but, unlike post offices, charge more for them than their face value. Also be careful to buy C stamps if you’re sending regular cards. D stamps are for bigger or shaped cards, but if you’re not informed, someone might sell you those since they are more expensive. In post offices (at least the one in the centre of Ljubljana) you can also find packages of 10 cards for 3,50 euros (the same cards that cost around 0,60 eur each in souvenir shops).

Have a great trip and let me know if you need any other information (Zagreb is my home town and I’ve lived in Ljubljana for some time). :slight_smile:


Anybody happen to know if Slovenian post offices are open on Saturdays? I’ll probably do a day trip to Maribor tomorrow and would love to send a couple of cards in travel mode from a new country.


I can’t answer your question but maybe if you buy postcards in a tourist shop, they will have stamps as well?


I’ll definitely ask. I want to send a few cards to friends and family as well and they won’t care if I end up having to use an Austrian stamp.

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I found four open on Saturdays at the Slovenian Post’s website: Home | post-offices

Two seem to be open 8-12, another 9-11.30 and a “duty post office” (sounds like “duty pharmacy” we have in Poland - they are open in the night, and the duty rotates) open 12-18.

Good luck!