I need help to buy stamps in Croatia

Hello !

I will be visiting Croatia in April :croatia:
I would like to send some postcards when I’ll be there and I need help.
I plan to buy them a the local post office (in Zagreb) Hrvatska pošta. I saw on their official website that international postage for a postcard costs 1€14.
Is there any particuliar things to know ?

Can someone please translate for me properly this sentence, so I can print it and show it at the post office ?

I would like to buy ten international stamps for postcards please. Thank you.”

Thank you :smile:

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Hi! I’ve been to Croatia twice in the last few years and the staff at the post office always spoke at least a bit of English so I assume there will be no language barriers (at least in areas with more tourists).

There are stamps with their value printed on them, but there are also NVI (no value indicated) stamps. B or C rate stamps are sufficient for an international postcard (they both cost the same — 8,60 Kuna when I was there and I think they just converted the old prices into Euro currency).

This is how the postcard rate stamps looked like last year:


Thank you ! :smile:

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I will assume that you will be visiting the center of Zagreb, near cathedral and main square (Trg bana Josipa Jelačića). I can recommend the post office nearby (less than 1 minute walk from the main square) - location is Jurišićeva ulica 5. There is a philately desk where you can get different stamps, many of which can’t be bought in ordinary post offices (without philately desk).
Here’s how it looks like (but without balloons :slight_smile: ):

Price for international postcard is 1,14€. You can use stamps with Croatian kuna value printed - in that case you will need 8,60 HRK.
If you use stamps with no indicated value, that B or C (as David mentioned earlier).
The cost of B and C stamp is the same (1,14€), only C stamp is for “priority/par avion”. However, if you go to philately desk, you can ask for priority/par avion labels (they are free and the ladies working there have always been generous and gave me plenty of labels). Then you can combine stamps and get priority delivery.

And, yes - staff usually speak at least a little bit of English. At philately desk there is an additional advantage, because you can see stamps displayed and choose the easily.

I wish you a good visit and Happy Postcrossing!


Oh la la Thank you very much !! :heart_eyes_cat:
I will visit it !!

I have been in that post office in Zagreb and the staff are very helpful in English and they have a nice choice of stamps on sale.

The main post office by the railway station is useful as it is open on Sundays too