Where to buy nice postcards in China?

I am sorry that many postcards in bookstores, stationary shops and online shopping websites here is copyright-free. And there is little nice series of postcards to buy here either. I couldn’t find good card for postcrossers easily. Where can I buy some nice cards in China? Or how do you deal with this situation usually?

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Maybe this website will help you……

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In China, I usually found good postcards in the gift shop at museums.

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I usually buy view cards from kongfz. And I don’t know where to buy some nice illustration cards either.

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Actually there are plenty of nice copyrighted postcards in bookstores and online shopping websites, their price is a bit higher than those copyright-free ones.

I find typical touristy cards and art cards by nationalized publishing houses usually sold in big bookstores like Xinhua Bookstore (新华书店), and these publishing houses have official online shops at taobao, for example:

Shanghai People’s Fine Arts Publishing House

Zhejiang People’s Fine Arts Publishing House

I also like another local bookstore brand called Momicafe (猫的天空之城), they sell postcards as well as stationaries and souvenirs. Their cards are copyrighted ones that cooperated with local illustrators and photographers. You can also find online shop at taobao:

These two types are both quality cards that I recommend. Sometimes there are sales promotions and those out of season cost less than new ones.


sometimes,the second hand postcards are more expensive than the brand new ones,for the nomore published reason. :joy:

BTW, what are view cards & multiview cards? I still could not understand them though I have seen the words for many times…

For example,
view card: a photo of the Great Wall;
multiview card: a set of photos about the Great Wall, Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven on one postcard.