Where to buy blue cat postcards?

Hello everyone!
I recently saw a lot of postcards with blue cats and wanted to know where everyone is buying them.


One place is Mymagicard, in Russia. I recently placed an order. It didn’t take long to arrive.


Thank you very much!

I recently bought them on houseofpostcards.pl in Poland


Thank you very much

I buy them here:

Mymagicard is excellent. Be careful ordering from other places because they add on the Vat tax even if you do not live in a EU country. Vat is only supposed to be added on items sent to other EU countries, but many refuse to take it off, saying they are too small a business, and you will be charged about a twenty percent of more tax on your order.
Mymagicard does not charge Vat at all. Great selection of cards, every so often they have a “for every five cards you buy you get one free”


Ohh, I bought cards with this cat in the official postal stores “Collector”, there are a lot of them^^
But this is only relevant for Russia

I buy my Blue Cats here: Зенюк Ирина


Is there othershops as this one has only paypal whichbI dont have

Sorry, I don’t know of any other shops. Perhaps you could research via the Internet?


In the Netherlands there is the webshop “El Papel” ( with a lot of Blue Cats postcards on offer !).
She does international shipping and you can pay with bank transfer (IBAN).

You could contact the webshop owner for more and accurate details.
(she is a postcrosser by the way)

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Anyone from the UK brought any recently ? I’d love to purchase some just not sure which site to use.

Can anyone advise where the cheapest place is to get blue cat postcards, shipping them to the UK.


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I think mymagicard is reasonably priced and they also offer free shipping.

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Yes, I agree. Best prices I could find and I got free shipping to the uk,

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Did you have to pay any extra duty on them when they arrived in the UK?

No I didn’t and this was only a month or so ago

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Smashing, thank you - I’ll stick an order in and see what happens. Thanks for getting back to me, C :hugs:

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