Where is this stamp from?

I have USPS Informed Delivery that each morning emails me a photo of mail that will be coming to my house that day. November 26 I did not receive any of my mail and reported it missing. There was a letter from one of my several penpals but I don’t know which one. It still hasn’t been found.
Can anyone tell me which country this stamp comes from? That way I can narrow it down to who sent the letter and let them know I did not get it.Please and thank you.

Also, in case she sees this, it had a "“GOOD VIBES” rubber stamp or sticker on the envelope.

It’s from Switzerland.


Florallle is right: Helvetia = Switzerland :switzerland:

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@Florallle @Papercrafty Thank you for your answers about the samp. I may be older but I can still learn.


Switzerland :switzerland:

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