Where is my Avatar button?

My Forum Avatar (button) has not shown up on the list of
who’s online for several days now. Help, please.

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Yes, I can’t see your Avatar too, not even after refreshing the side :upside_down_face:

Maybe @paulo can help.

Edit:But I see that 108 people are online, but they are only shown 50 avatars.
Maybe always more than 50 People are online when you are online too and coincidentally your avatar is always not shown


There are currently 107 people online, I guess the amount of avatars shown is capped.

edit: Just counted them - 50 avatars are shown, and I would guess those 50 were the most recent people posting something.

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After several days of not seeing it, it reappeared after I posted this. Strange :eye:

Oh. That hadn’t occurred to me. Thanks

I see your avatar now. Yes, it’s not all avatars showed.

Thank you, Ana

Indeed, the number of avatars was capped at 50 (the default). I have upped this to 70 to show some more as it still fits in one line on the (desktop) layout when the list is collapsed.