Where do I place address and postage stamps on a postcard?

Are there rules on were to write an address and were to put the stamps? :blush:

I guess this is the recommendation:

But on the other hand, I’ve received postcards where the address and stamp have been placed differently. The address on the lines and the stamp where the HQ logo is. The postcards do arrive, but I guess it can slow them down.


i have received some cards with stamps all over the place and addresses on the left :relaxed:



Here is a link where Postcrossing told you how to address a card
.How to write a postcard

And I changed the headline of your topic so that other users can also find it if they have the same question.


Yes, I too.

But it is not the right way to do it.
They cannot be processed by the sorting machines, but must be sorted by hand.

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I hope this one is going to arrive :roll_eyes: I did not know were to put such a big stamp…

Yes! it has arrived at destination today😊


I know the problem with the large mini sheets, too! They must be proceeded by hand which might be more expensive, depending on your postal guidelines. But it will arrive!

Lovely stamp :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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They seems to arrive even if the address in on wrong spot, but I have noticed 2-5 days delay so for the sake of faster delivery and not causing frustration among postal workers who has to go to pick up the letters refused by machines, it is better to have the address on the right spot.

Tho this example doesn’t look bad at all. Might want to make extra sure that recipient and sender addresses doesn’t get mixed up on smaller area, but otherwise it is just a really beautiful cover :slight_smile:


Usually I put the larger stamps on the left, so I still have room to write the address on the right and I hope it goes through the sorting machine. :crossed_fingers:t2:


Yes, I will do this in the future :+1: big stamp on the left and a smaller stamp on the right with the address


Best check with your postal service.

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