When will the number of messages that can be sent be reset?

Which country’s time is adopted here?
I thought, foolishly, that it would be reset after midnight in my country.

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Hi! Do you mean the private message allowance, where you send messages via people’s profiles? That limit resets at midnight UTC for everyone, regardless of timezone.


ah! THX! then my country is UTC+9, so it will be reset in 9 hours. ok, Now I understand! Thank you, Shanaqui-!

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@shanaqui @Gosanzaro
I don’t think this answer is correct - unless something has changed.

The limit is 50 messages in 24 hours and there is no exact time when the number is set back to 0.
When you reach your limit of 50 PMs, you can post the next message 24 hours after the first one.

In that case the system tells you when you can send the next message (this picture is from the very first days of the forum - maybe it looks a little different today)


To clarify, my answer is about the limit on the number of messages you can send via people’s Postcrossing profiles, and that limit definitely does reset at midnight UTC. :slight_smile: If @Gosanzaro meant the forum specifically, then my answer doesn’t apply, but I had a feeling it was possibly referring to sending messages via people’s Postcrossing profiles, since Discourse’s software does actually tell you when the reset is.

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Oh, I didn’t realise you were referring to the messages on the main page.
Sorry - you are absolutely right.

@Bille @shanaqui
You’re all so kind!

Hello Bille,
is the number of messages at the main page fixed or does it increase over time like the number of Postcards you can sent?

German Oyinbo