When does the old Forum go?

Hi so loving this new forum, but when will the old one go for good, that is to say no longer be available, thanks…

It will stay editable for some weeks, probably until mid January. After that it will go into archive mode which means it is still accessible for read purposes for an indefinite amount of time.
U2Us will be switched off (probably also in January) because they represent a major security risk.


You can read about that here :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks both @Nordbaer and @Bille :slight_smile:

U2U’s go off in January, so any “Unread” ones then will be lost I take it? Many thanks… :slight_smile:

Yes, you should read all u2us before January 20th and save any private correspondence that you want to keep.

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It is good to know that the old forum will be available read-only for a long time! As an avid collector of meet-up cards, the information about the official meet-ups is very important for me. If the old forum should be removed at some point (I understand old software always is a potential security risk), can we find a way to preserve that information somehow? I’m happy to help with that task, just message me when you want to make it happen. As I’m usually rather busy, I’ll need at least a month’s warning, better more. Thank you!

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If you go to Postcrossing.com > Explore > Meetups you’ll find “Past meetups (Archive) ▾” on the bottom of the page.

Yes, I know. But it only lists the date and location (with a link to the old forum thread for that meet-up), the information important for me are the meet-up cards shown in some of these threads, and the usernames of the attendees (so I can see if the card was signed by the correct persons). Therefore, for me, the old forum information about meet-ups is important.

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