When are you usually drawing addresses for new postcards?

When are you usually get an ID for new postcards?
In the morning? In the evening? At lunch? At breakfast? Weekend or work day?
Do you wait for more free postcards to send all of them? Or do you send one-two cards regardless of your limit? Or do you use up your limit as soon as space for a traveling postcard becomes available?

I usually pick the address in the evening and choose a postcard that I send the following morning. I never wait to send several card at the same time as I live really close to the post office so I can go everyday if I need it.


I get an ID for new postcards as soon as a slot opens up, and I send the new postcard out within 24 hours. There’s no particular time of day that I do this. As soon as I get a “hurray” letter from someone, I go and get a new ID to send a postcard to. I enjoy sending out postcards, so I don’t want to wait. I think I enjoy the “sending” more than the “receiving.”



Me too! Exactly.



i will usually draw the address the evening of getting a hurray message - while not intentionally, i tend to do this in batches as my postcards have a tendency to arrive in batches. if the postcard goes to europe they are typically registered in my afteroon or if going to asia they are typically registered in my overnight time.

i use the evening to select and write/decorate/stamp the postcards and then visit the post office the following morning or lunchtime. it all depends if i work remotely that day or what i have scheduled the following day but 99% of the time will send within 24 hours of pulling an address. and i agree that sending a lot of the time can be more fun than receiving! the process of selecting and then writing the perfect card for the addressee is what is most enjoyable to me :slight_smile:


I used to do it right away, but have begun exercising great self-control to hold off until after my incoming mail arrives for each day. Sunday/holiday I might do when I’m notified.


It depends – sometimes I’ll draw a new address as soon as I have one available, other times I’ll wait and get a few at a time.

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I used to draw an address as soon as one became available, but now I can have 24 travelling, so it doesn’t seem quite so urgent.

I draw addresses at any time of day. I usually only draw one, occasionally two. I take my time to think about appropriate postcards and stamps, I might write the message at a different time. As I’m ill, and only leave the house about twice a week, the postcards stack up in the hall, and it can be 3-4 days after I get an address before the postcard is posted. I hate rushing the process.


I generate bursts of postcards :joy: I draw addresses when I feel like sending. There tend to be always at least a month gap but it could be a much, much more. I always send a batch of 5 or 10. And then I go dormant again :volcano: :smile: As for time of the day, it is mostly afternoon or evening.


I just recently signed up and I am keeping the max number of postcards travelling as possible. So every time a slot opens up I am requesting a new address. I want to see how fast I can send out 100 and then 500 and then 1000.

EDIT: and as I was typing this my third postcard has arrived at it’s destination so now I need to request another! :blush:


Mostly on Sunday. So I can drop my cards on Monday on my way to work. Or on Thursday so I can drop them on Friday, but post office often close faster on Friday :roll_eyes:

I always send in batches so I wait until I have at least 3 slots available before drawing addresses (and I send them with cards from the tag game). Time efficient because I hate walking to post office lol

Here’s my track of sent postcards

I send them out mostly 2 batches per month

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I wait until I have more free time and at least a few slots are free. Then I request for several addresses at the same time, one after the other. I usually send cards once a month and no more than 6 at the same time.

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Most of the notifications that my postcards have arrived come during the night. I usually don’t request a new address until I am certain that I can mail it within the next 24 hours or so. I get so excited when I get that email.

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