*When* are you sending your WPD cards?

Now that you have your stash of WPD cards, when will you be using them for official PC cards?

  • I’m using them now so that they’ll arrive on Oct 1
  • I’m waiting to use them for addresses I draw on Oct 1
  • I’m doing both

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Travel times are so unpredictable that I can’t send accordingly anyway. If I draw same country it arrives next day; countries like China and Russia still expire and arrive after a few months. So I’m just saving up and send all on 1st


I will send them on the 1. of October for the same reason as above. From and to Australia the travelling time is totally unpredictable.

Actually cause I won’t be in Singapore on 1st Oct. I prob have to send them when I’m back but will prob draw the addresses on 1 Oct :stuck_out_tongue:

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I will do both. The official cards will be send on the first or at least I will draw the addresses.

But I will also send some cards to friends in Germany. Those will go into the mail on Wednesday or Thursday. In that case they most probably arrive at Saturday.

I plan to send them all on October 1st.

I don’t print WPD card this year.
I will request addresses on 1 October and I will send other cards.


I do both and still send them later untill I don’t have any left when profil says they want WPD cards

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Makes sense. I should’ve worded the option as “as close to Oct 1 as possible”!

Already sent one postcard to China

oops i’m one of the 5%. because i thought we always send out holiday cards before the holiday? everyone is already sending out their halloween cards, no? i don’t really understand why wpd would be different? well i mean i guess because it’s postcards day it’s more about the writing and some people care about the cancellation.
i can’t write cards on a saturday anyway though so i’ve sent a few wpd cards out already, hoping they would arrive around 1st of october.

but then i read on the forum that some people go inactive on wpd because they don’t want the cards so i’m. well. not seriously worried but slightly worried i’m doing it wrong :sweat_smile:

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I’m sending them on Oktober 1st, hopefully the USPS will add a clear postmark over the stamp showing the date.


Your reasoning is good, and there is no “wrong” here…I send out holiday cards long before the holiday too, but theres no exact way to tell which day they’ll arrive. Its still a bit early for Halloween to me though.

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I send them all on October 1st. This year I only have 20 cards (three different designs).
My experience is that most people - at least most of the addresses I draw - don’t want to have these cards for a while after the WPD.

I hope I will have an open slot on October 1st :wink:

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I’m sending out the WPD cards I designed / ordered this year already … but then again I tend to wait wit the bulk of those cards until oct. 1st so I can request addresses for official PC Cards. :postbox:
It’s always nice to send out several cards on the day itself … :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

This is my first year with postcrossing – I’m assuming that in order to get the WPD badge, you pull a name on Oct 1? Is that correct?

I’ve sent out one card that is a swap with someone already as he and I discussed. Planning on saving official names for Oct 1 so I can get the badge. Please let me know if I’ve assumed incorrectly. thank you

Correct - but your 1 Oct card also has to be registered to get the badge

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@DawnMarie3203 So if getting the badge is important to you, it’s best to send about 3 official postcards on 1 October.

I just thought it’d be nice to have. I have 4 cards I plan on sending out on Oct. 1. Thank you

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