What's a pm?

Ok so I know this is pretty stupid. But I just started using the forum and I keep hearing, “send me a pm” and I’m just curious what is that? Srry lol


A PM is short for “private message”. So when someone says, “I’ll send you a pm,” they mean they’ll drop a message in yoir inbox, usually for exchanging addresses or talking about a non-related topic. Hope this helps!


PM stands for private message. Try to click on my picture and there is a blue rectangle with MESSAGE and if you click it, there will be something like a mail. You can exchange adress with somebody or manage details there. You can write me something to test it out if you like, don’t mind it ! :smiley:
Happy postcrosing!


PM means private message :slight_smile: You click on the icon and click on the envelope with “message” next to it.

Please see this topic for instructions on sending a PM.

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You may also see references to DM – direct message – which is the same thing.

Some people call it U2U. Not positive, but I think that’s a relic from the old forum.

Oh that’s it? I’ve sent people messages like that before. Thank u! Lol


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