What to send to a student?

I recently received a postcard from a 9th grader in Taiwan. On it, he had written that he would welcome a return card if I didn’t mind. Of course I will send one and asked for an address. Turns out a teacher had opened an account for their class and several of this kids classmates have received postcards in return. Well, now I’m all excited of course and am trying to think of small, flat, lightweight things to mail with the card that would be a little snapshot of where I live. I’m in the US and we are a very small town so we don’t have any of the small souvenir paper items a large city would. Ideas please?


You can make a collage of some popular or historic places of your city and write an accompanying letter with it.

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I’d just say, print out a bunch of pictures (can be on printer paper too) and add that to the letter! I’m sure they’d appreciate any pictures!
I sure would enjoy that!

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Well if you send in an envelope, pamphlets or travel brochures of your city, maybe canceled stamps, other cards, letter as previously mentioned. Bookmarks, sticker sheets, photographs of yourself, your city, or the subjects you speak about? Have you been to a concert lately? Maybe the ticket stub or write out a list of song and music suggestions. Maybe articles from a newspaper or a teen magazine or even a regular magazine referencing something that may be of interest.


my students send cards. they love anything back. a nice age appropriate card is great. a letter may be hard for them to understand

I used to work on a project involving postcrossing with my students. Once, we received a postcard from Wellington, wich happened to be almost the antipode from our high school’s village.
The sender, knowing we were a high school class group, made a little research, introduced Wellington giving some data like its size, location, number of inhabitants, clima… and then made some questions stablishing a relation between both locations like, how many inhabitants has your village? Then, how many Cantillanas (our village name) are needed to make one Wellington?.. And so on. They found it very interesting, had fun searching for the information and learned things not only about Wellington, but also about their own place.


I’m a Malaysian student and I think you can also send some leaves that are unique to your place. Make them into a mini bookmark with some local attractions in your place :smiley:


Interesting! You made me search the antipodal of my school :laughing: It’s in Ecuador :ecuador:

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Thank you everyone! There are so many good ideas here. This will be fun to put together.

I would send a card from Montana to his School if you have it and can pm the address. This is a fun thread and I like the teacher’s use of Postcrossing

I would give them a culture lesson or an article/topic they can read or do research on! History buffs will love a historical fact or place in the USA that they can then rely on their teacher for lessons on! I love this idea and I have had cards also from students in far away lands! If more teachers would participate in a
similar activity, we can change the world, one child at a time! When I was in school many years ago a teacher had us write to pen pals in other countries! I have no ideas how she got names/addresses back then, but it was much fun for a 3rd grader(my age at the time)!

Hmm… the only thing I can think of is that, being halfway between Erie and Pittsburgh, we used to be a big railroad town. As in, there were factories that produced engines and boxcars that employed a ton of people. Not anymore, of course. This is a good idea! I’m going to get something out in the next few days here.