What to do with postcards you cannot send?

I’ve just bought a mixed batch of postcards off the Internet as don’t really have a selection available to me any more. (Blame the pandemic and my inability to get to the shops). Most of them I think will be used eventually, but there are a few that I cannot imagine ever sending. I’m not into collages etc. Do I just shred them or can anyone suggest another option?
(one is crude, a couple are not very nice view cards that are not local places etc)

There is a thread going called ‘Taking out the trash’. As one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, perhaps the cards might find a home there.


Building on the “taking out the trash” idea, what would a “sending out the trash” random swap event look like? kind of Postcrosser beware? If images are too crude, a giveaway?

Thank you.
I’m new to the concept of tags, but I’ll give it a go… Seems odd anyone would want them however.

Not too crude. Better described as vintage sexist humour that i wouldn’t send.

You can swap them. If you want to, you can ask for unwritten postcards in return, so that you can send them to others.

Some people ask for these kind of postcards, weird cards, or even cards you are afraid to send. I guess there is a receiver for every card :blush:


You can also share photos of the cards, so people can see exactly what they’re getting. There are so many creative post-crossers here, someone might like to use them to cut up and turn into new cards for a collage.


I love all postcards, you could send me anything! I’m sure you’ll find a use, some great suggestions already here… :slight_smile:

You can send it for the Vulgar and Offensive Tag.


Wow, I didn’t expect this response. I think that I have found someone who would like them but if you’ve expressed an interest I’ll keep you in mind.
Maybe I will start to get into tags and swaps who knows?

And for cards that are not in peak condition there are also:
Scratch and Dent tag
***Damaged, Torn and Ripped RR*** Come and find your unloved damaged cards a new home!

You might want to explore the “eccentric” tag lable: https://community.postcrossing.com/tag/eccentric

Edit: Oh, I’ve just seen you already figured out what to do with them. Never mind me then :slight_smile:


Something only a Boomerceoukd understand, my generation.

If there is one thing I learnt, is that there are cards I find embarrassingly ugly, but some people like them and want them - either for their ugliness or because they actually like them!

So I would put them on offer in those tags (but then you have to get something back…) or in a lottery or a swap. Even the crude one, someone will like it, some people collect “unusual” themes.

I personally really dislike old viewcards from the 70s and 80s where it looks like someone took a photo without looking and you can see 10% of a building and the rest of the card is a road, things like that. But some people would kill for those cards, apparently they are “vintage”…

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I got some such profiles (to send official cards to) too, in the past! That is very good for some cards… :laughing:

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