What to do? Translate profile?

Question. If you request an address to send a card and it is in a language you cannot read, Is there a way to translate it?

Try deepl.com. Maybe the translation won’t be accurate but you’ll get an overall idea of what the user wrote.

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IYes, as CoralieR wrote - we use the Google translator. It not always correct, mistakes in the grammar, but we have now an idea what the text means.

Just forward your email to support@postcrossing.com .

Change topic in: non-English profile.
Ask Postcrossing to take action. They have costum made readytosent copy paste emails. And they check or follow up if a users react to the mail.

Userprofiles should be in English. With forwarding you help others.

I randomly choose a card and sent it out.


I use chrome. When I open non-English page, it always gives me option to automatically translate the page.

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Thanks for the suggestions