What to do if my postal service stops sending mail to a certain country?

i have a serious question, i’m not sure where to post it. but this is my list of traveling cards at the moment. the last two i requested sunday, and there’s no mail to russia since monday (i did send those cards out).
normally i don’t want people to register cards they haven’t received, but is this an exception? should i send them all a message with the id in case they would like to register my card? or should i just. wait it out or something.


Hi Kyra! I moved your post to a new topic, as I think others might have this question as well since the situation is changing from day to day.

If you haven’t sent postcards to the latest addresses in those countries yet, then you should hold on to those postcards, and send them a soon as your postal service allows. Keep an eye on the Postal Monitor or PostNL’s service alerts page for updates.

Hopefully those that are traveling for some time are within the destination country already and will be delivered without a problem. We assume the rest will be either sent back to you if there is a return address, or stored until a time comes in which it can be forwarded.


thank you! i wasn’t sure if it was okay to open yet another topic about mail to russia and ukraine :sweat_smile:
i’ve sent all these cards out, i wasn’t aware of the postal situation at that moment.
i never put my own address on cards (starting to regret that now), so i hope my cards will be stored somewhere. i’ll wait a few weeks then, hope they will arrive somehow, sometime.


You could turn repeated counries off so you won’t get more RU-adresses (or only very few). I turned repeated countries of in January and have only travelling 5-6 cards to RU at the same time (I have 59 slots). I guess they will all expire when they now can’t travel by airplane.

And I just started to add my return address to cards to RU (I didn’t get any addresses for BY or UA within the last week, but would do the same with these addresses).

I would not ask to register the cards, I always have a lot of postcards to Russia that expire (and most of these never get registered), but never asked to register it even if the postcrosser has this offer on the profile.


I faced the same issue when the pandemic started and mail routes closed. The postcards took longer but they did arrive in the end when the connections were restored. I never contact the receivers of my official cards because I don’t want to make them feel sad that a postcard for them got lost.


it’s officially listed in the postal monitor (edit: didn’t know the word automatically turns into a link, that’s cool) now so i assume i won’t get any russian addresses anymore. i’m mostly just worried about those cards already on their way, as it’s quite a lot.

regarding sending a message to the receiver: i’ve never done that before but i think this is a different situation.
but as @hankadl mentioned, cards also arrived after a long time during covid, so i guess for now i just keep hope that my cards will arrive.


Royal Mail is still sending to Russia. I too had thought of switching repeated countries off. I might do next time I request an address, but I LOVE sending postcards to people in Russia, so I’m very reluctant to do that. The last two I have here won’t get in the post till tomorrow or Friday. But hopefully, most of these to Russia will have got there before the sanctions.


i just received my first hurray message from russia in a week. i have some hope again :blush:


@mchay Mail to RU from NL is restored, I posted in the Postal Monitor topic. It will be updated then.
You can mail your cards!
If you wish to spread risk you can change settings of repeated countries now and then.

Edit. It is the mail suspension topic.


that’s great news, thank you. i’m surprised it changed so quick. hopefully it’ll be like that for other countries sending to russia as well.