What stamp combo would you most like to receive?

I use two first class postage stamps and a ten cent stamp sir cards sent abroad. I have at least one sheet or booklet of many current first class postage stamps. There is only one option for the ten cent stamp, a pair of pairs.

So the stamps I have currently, are these

Scooby Doo
Star Wars Android
Yogi Berra
Arnold Palmer
George Bush, the elder
Military Service Dogs
Specialty Coffees
State Fairs
Purple Hear
Japanese Soldiers of WWII
Year of the Ox
Hot Wheels
Thank You
US Flags

On the 8th I’m going to be adding the Summer Backyard Games (featuring Badminton, Baseball, Bocce Ball, Cornhole, Croquet,.Horseshoes, and tetherball) and Cowboy Wear (featuring a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, belt buckle, and I think spurs)

Starting in October I’ll be adding stamps that are wintery rather than explicitly Christmas (Scenes from the Snowy Day picture books and winter scenes featuring different animals in the snow). I’ll probably pair one of those with one of the specialty coffee drinks, the pairs and whatever the 5¢ stamp is (I think lemons)

For those of you outside of the US, what combo would you like to get?

The last card I sent out had the Scooby Doo and Star Wars Stamp.

The one before that had the purple heart and George Bush the Elder

If you visit the USPS website (Stamps | USPS.com) you can view all the stamps available including all the ones I have.

Is there a stamp available that i don’t have but you would love?


What a wonderful idea.

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Unfortunately, if I were to draw your name, you’d get stuck with the Barn postcard postage stamp. But out of curiosity, would you prefer the winter, spring, summer or autumn barn stamp?

I would love to receive orchid and raven stamps. And Scooby Doo would always bring a smile to my face!

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Personally, I’d most like to receive orchids because I collect flower stamps :hibiscus: :sunflower: :tulip:

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although the usps does not have a 14¢ stamps (closest is 10¢ and 5¢ - they had a 4¢ stamp but is it still being issued), try to find old gummed stamps at stamps shows. go to https://www.istampshows.com and see the closest near you - maybe the one in dayton on 27-28 augsut. they are starting to start up again. 10¢ plus 2 forever stamps equals $1.20). i did buy some 14¢ stamps and others which i will be using when the postage increases in late august. hope this was helpful. oh, when you attend the show, look for the dealers selling american postage stamps and ask if they have any at face value.

sorry, my computer is acting up and removing words and chaging things - i tried to fix my earlier mesage but it made it worse.

There are several ways to get to $1.30. The easiest (other than the global stamp) will be 3 postcard stamps.

I take like the barns postcard stamps. The coral reef postcard stamps not so much.

I’m also going to contact the post office to create a 14¢ stamp to make up the difference for global postage, suggesting either a quilt pattern stamp or an American Icons stamp featuring the Bald Eagle, Statue of Liberty, Route 66 sign and the Hollywood sign.

One could overpay 6 cents with an additional ounce stamp if additional ounce stays the same.

I’d love scooby if it comes complete with those meddling kids :joy:

(Oh come ON you all thought the same thing!)

Coffee and a military working dog seem a good match too- caffeine for the handler never hurts.

Do your military working dogs get awarded purple hearts for their injuries in service? That might be a good combo :thinking: I can’t remember the bravery award colour that animals get in Australia sorry but ours do get a little set of their medals made up for their uniforms. (Yes really.)

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Christmas stamps are an odd one for us in the Southern Hemisphere. A lot of decorations are all winter themed despite being put up in 40 plus Celsius degrees :joy::joy::joy:

Problem is simple. Santa delivers on a surfboard here- it’s summer ! Sunburn, swimming, sport like cricket and other dodgy backyard invented rules, BBQs and cold drinks, melting icecream. That’s our Christmas.

So if you’re happy with receiving Surfing Santa stuff from Southern hemisphere why would you think we’d be upset receiving snowy Santa stuff? :thinking::wink:


I like most the stamps related to horses, so from your list I think the cowboy wear will probably be something I will enjoy to see on card, also in case the horseshoe game stamp has actual horseshoes, then that too (yes, I would count that too as equine stamp, but only if the shoes are actual horseshoes and not those fake things they make for the game nowadays)

Otherwise I don’t really know about your list. Flags are always ok (and I think they make a great combo with anything culture related), but I would pass Scooby Doos, Star Wars, Hot Wheels and military themes. At the end of the day thought, I wouldn’t mind any combo and I will freely let the sender to decide what they like is the most fitting :slight_smile:

One missing is the heritage breeds series that was just issued couple of months ago. I have already got one of them and I think those are great. Still waiting for the horse one!

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Proving everyone is different- I’d love Star Wars (already sorted some swaps to get the droids I’m looking for- sorry not sorry)

I thought you meant Yogi Bear (baseball isn’t that popular here) :joy: but I do know whom Ursula Le Guin is!! Arnold Palmer too :wink: as my Dad is a huge fan

The Solar flare stamps are also incredible- and while Raven looks incredible you’d need to explain that too for non Raven fans (indigenous folk tale?)

Honestly anything that’s different is awesome. My favourite stamp from the US I have is a tricked out Halloween one. Another stamp you’ll never see from Australia because it’s not a thing here (though that’s changing for the free junk food I think) :blush:


I love stamps, this was fun looking at the link you provided!

My favorites are Year of the Ox and Specialty coffee. And The Midatlantic Lighthouses look awesome and would go very well on lighthouse/ beach cards but are not on your list yet.

Winter Xmas stamps are cute, too. Bring on the holiday fun from late October.

Marvel comics stamps


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my faves from what you have would be Military Dogs and Raven story.

from others Brush Rabbit one is really cute. I also really like the spooky Silhouettes as well as the Alzheimer and the breast cancer one.

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As a US postcrosser these responses are very helpful :slightly_smiling_face: I love looking through profiles and trying to find stamps that may correspond with someone’s interests!

(…glad you found the "droids you were looking for, I am…)

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