What should I do with my acc in a long trip?

My name is Marcos, I currently live in Madrid (Spain) and in a couple months I am going to travel alone to Ireland. The main objective of my journey to Ireland is to study until the next summer, so I will spend there around a year.

My problem is that my little sister also loves recieving my postcrossing postcards but not writing them, I also don’t want to change my address to the address in Ireland.

If I put my account into inactive/travel mode, I will stop recieving postcards, but if I don’t do nothing, maybe postcrossing gives me an address that I cant send to in Ireland.

I would like my sister to recieve the postcards in Spain but also to send them from Ireland.

What do you think I can do?

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Many people don’t like cards with a id from another country than it was sent from.

My suggestion: Go into travel mode every now and then when you want to write postcards. After one or two weeks, go back into normal mode and your sister can receive and register the cards in Spain.

Edit: What @delenn_mir writes about making sure you get only addresses you can send to from the country you are in is really important these days…

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If you use travel mode in Ireland, you will only get addresses in countries you can send to from there. The address in Spain won’t interfere with that.

Since you don’t want to change your address to an Irish one, I would suggest switching between travel mode and being active - that way, you can send cards from Ireland with an Irish ID but when you go back to active, the cards will travel to your home in Spain and your sister can receive them and tell you their IDs., so you can register them. Can your sister do this for you?

But maybe it would be best to contact the admins and discuss it with them?


I had little similar situation years ago with my old account. At the end, I decided to take a break and not send cards, and my family sent me pics of the cards that still arrived after I had moved so I could register them. Travel mode wasn’t a thing back then.

I think this goes bit on the grey area on what would be the best solution, so if I was you I would send a message directly to the Postcrossing team via the contact form at the main site and ask advice from them. Technically you could use travel mode to send cards from Ireland with Irish ID so stats are correct, and periodically switch it off so your sister receives the cards. It could be good idea to mention that on profile to avoid confusion.

Or you will have to talk with you sister about getting her own account (or that she takes over yours). She might realize that writing cards is fun too, once she has to do it in order to get cards (no jokes, that happened with my sister when I moved out. She lasted a week and then made account for herself)

Another (little more pricey) possibility is that you collect the cards you get and then send them to her in envelope now and then so she gets to enjoy them too. Or, if it is not necessary to have the card in hand, you can scan and send them for her.

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great suggestions from everyone. but i can tell you what i did on my last trip abroad in january 2020 to méxico.
i was planning to be gone only 5 days and putting my account on travel mode before i left would be silly as wanted cards to arrive and would register them when return. when i arrived in méxico, i put my account on travel mode on the 2nd day and then got addresses with a MX id number. then change right back to active. 2 days later, i did the same thing. the following day, flew home and registered the cards waiting for me - gone 5 days and it involved a weekend - so not much difference in what arrived in my mailbox.
so, cards were being sent to my home address, but also permitted to send postcards from the country i was visiting. this might work out for your situation.
good luck.
pd: teach your sister how to register the postcards you receive.

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