What should I do with a returned postcard

Hi, I sent a postcard to the united kingdom and it got returned to me what should I do??

Was that an official Postcrossing postcard? If so, please get in touch with us with the details and try to include a photo of the written side of the postcard too so we can try to understand what might have happened. In some cases we are able to help, but sometimes the only option will be to try again.

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i am not willing to send another postcard witch costs $1.20

Without knowing the details, we can’t help you here. Please get in touch with more information as there may be many reasons for that to happen.

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Sent you PM

Sorry, but this does need to be handled through the contact form so that someone from the team can look into it with all the details and see the context. I’m closing this topic as we don’t provide this kind of support here.