What should I do when I receive an expired card?

Hello! Recently I received a postcard that was sent to me on 12th of March, 2020! I have no idea where has it been all this time, but finally it’s here and it was a pleasant surprize!

So obviously this card is expired and I can’t register it. I thought the name will show up so I could at least write a private message to the seller, but I see there’s no such option here. I’m surprised I can’t find the member just by postcard ID.

But how can I find the postcrosser who sent me this card? I’ve tried searching by name that sender has wrote on a card but had no results. So are there any other options?


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We have already a Topic about this theme.
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Hello, @Bille thank you so much for helping! I’m sorry, I’ve tried searching similar topics, probably didn’t notice it.
So should I delete my topic now?

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No, we don’t delete Topics. It will be closed in about an hour.

Okay, thank you!

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On the screen where Postcrossing tells you that the ID is older than one year it does also tell you who the sender was. All you need to do is click on that link to be taken to their profile page, where you can send them a message.