What should I do before send my postcard to Germany?

Hello everyone,
I saw a reply in a RR post a few day ago, but I can’t find it now.
That reply is about some German can’t receive their postcard because the post office detain them because those postcards don’t have some proof or certification(?). I am not sure what is that mean.
I want to ask that what should I do before sending my postcard to Germany if I don’t want them to be remain at post office? It’s sad if any postcard get lost.
Sorry for my poor english, Thank you for reading my question.

Just send the card.

Some cards got detained because they had a code on that made them seem registered mail. That’s why people had to get them personally, the cards were not dropped in their mailboxes at home. In my experience this was the case only for cards from Lithuania.


Are you talking about this post?

This is only needed for envelopes, not for postcards. The CN22 declaration is needed not only for Germany though, but for all of Europe EU countries! And it’s only necessary if the envelope contains anything besides documents.


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Thank you for your quick answers!

I have an additional question that if I send blank postcards in envelope, should I apply that CN22 declaration first?

Well, technically they are considered wares. So if you’d like to be super safe probably yes. But be sure to tick the box besides gift, so there won’t be any charges for the recipient :wink:

To be realistic, most of the time any flat paper items cannot be distinguished from letters / written postcards or folded cards (unless the envelope is opened of course). So personally I don’t do it, but write documents only on the envelope (no customs form). Well… there is a slight risk of course.


I see!
Thank you again for your answer :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi there,
Is true, all mail outside Europe, must have C22.
The conditions for that is if you send in a envelope that is thick, or if, by touch they feel that is something other that a card or paper. For example if you send sticks that are 3D, or coins, or other thing that stick out. Then you have to fill the C22.
I know this, because, I was thinking in sending a coin for a kid collection to Russia, the post office informe that I could not send, without filling out the customs paper online.
I send all my card in a envelope, to protect them, but I only put 1 or at most 2 postcard in envelope and they all gone thru. Also my envelope are standard size, snug to the card and I don’t had any 3D things.
Hope I help with this information.

Well, no. You can send an envelope whatever thickness is allowed by your local post… if it only contains documents, the CN22 is not needed. (documents do include more than plain letters… might be a drawing, a photo or an USB stick / cd / dvd with digital documents on it). But if you put a small gift inside… like a teabag, a bookmark, a sheet of stickers… than it contains wares / goods and need the form. Unwritten / blank postcards are (officially) considered goods, too!

If you send them on a separate sheet: yes, you need the form. If you attach it to your document: no, you don’t need it.

But a flat, paperlike item (like a sheet of stickers or a bookmark or a blank postcard) will most probably not catch the custom’s attention. So it’s quite safe even without a CN22 form attached.

The declaration is needed for all mail (containing goods) from outside the EU to a EU country or vice versa.