What ratio of popular/ sent postcards do you think is normal?

I have 95 out of 150. Several of those are likes that were received on the same card but sent to different people, but just based on the total number that ratio is 63%.

That said, I don’t spend too much “emotive reflection” on that, because I had cards that I was just SURE were going to be the favorite of Postcrossers world-wide and all I have is a cricket chirping in the corner.

I do maintain curiosity about which particular card is most liked. For a while it was the MotW of New Zealand (I sent out several when I was in Travel Mode), but lately, it has become one I never would have guessed… a drawing of a cat sitting on a chair holding a ukulele, and an apple on the seat next to him. Who knew?

I also use it sometimes to help decide which cards to spend a few more bucks on when I buy cards to send out.


I have 146 ‘popular’ out of 172 sent.

I do find it interesting to see which of the postcards I send out are popular with others, because I like to send out things that people like. I’m also very much a pictures person. So I like to learn about what pictures or motifs other people enjoy.

I do agree with other comments above though that it’s hard to get an accurate picture because some people never ‘heart’ cards that they’ve received because they use their wall as an indicator of what they’d like to receive. I found it very frustrating that we can’t have a wall of cards we like AND a wall of cards that we would like to receive. But I got over it…eventually.

I have noticed that some people who I think might otherwise have ‘liked’ the card I send them, will go and look at my sent wall and like a couple of other cards for their ‘Wishlist’ wall. I think that’s a nice thing to do…although they will then probably unlike it once they receive it themselves so…swings and roundabouts.

It’s also quite apparent that mentioning a card in the forum, with a link to it, will also increase the likes a card will receive. This is especially true of mentions in the ‘cards with no likes’ topic. I mentioned a card in there back when cards with no likes troubled me, and it now has 22 likes! It not my favourite card by any stretch of the imagination…but it now looks like my most awesome card ever :rofl:.

And I’ve noticed on occasion a little run of likes on particular cards that I figured must have been mentioned by someone somewhere…maybe to a group of friends.

I spend less time mulling over cards no one appears to care for now. But I still enjoy getting that email mid-morning saying ‘It’s a favourite’, it makes me smile and I always look at it to see what card was liked.

Fun topic, I’ve enjoyed reading here. Thank you!


Thank you all for your replies! Currently about half of my cards are ‘popular’ but I´m still relatively new to PC so your replies really gave me a better picture :grinning:
For example I didn´t new that some people use their favorite wall as a wish list. And yes of course some are enthusiastic in their messages but don´t favorite the card. As usual everyones´s different :upside_down_face: .

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I have been keeping this statistic monthly since 2018. It as been consistently 53% or 54% Popular to Sent.


Hi. I’m new to this. Why would someone delete the image of a postcard they received? Just curious. Thank you

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I don’t know why they did that. They deleted ALL received cards so not just me. I cannot answer your question.

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I find it very odd.

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I have 397 out of 638

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I’ve seen the blue Delete link under pictures, I’ve never clicked on it but if I did click it would a warning message come up? Something like “are you sure you want to permanently delete this image?”. I’m wondering if people click on it out of curiosity or by accident . :thinking:

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In my case they knew exactly what they were doing. Another person deleted my upload, replacing it with one of their own which looked the same to me? I recall seeing a profile of a member who says they delete all uploads upon arrival ‘for “bandwidth” reasons’ (not the person who deleted my upload).

@Johnk60 The replacing of your picture with one of their own, means their received wall will always be complete. Technically, you can delete your upload anytime you’d like and then the receiver is ‘missing’ a card on their wall. This is why I always upload my picture of received cards as well.


492 of my 749 cards with images are popular (66%). I have a theory that cards from “rare” countries are more likely to be favorited, compared to cards from the USA for example. I avoid looking at my popular cards stat because it’s out of my control and I don’t want to fret about it.


Personally, I favourite cards with designs I like, or designs where if I was sent similar I’d be happy. I also favourited my VERY FIRST ever card just for posterity, I think it’s fun that it comes up on my favourites as a reminder of how I started :smiley:

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480/860 have at least one like - 56%. Lots have a single like, and there are a couple of pages of cards with 2-4 likes. My most popular card is most popular by a pretty wide margin.

But I don’t think about it when a card doesn’t get favorites. I favorite some of the ones I’ve received, and every once in a while a card will catch my eye somewhere that I really like and I’ll favorite it. But the bottom line is, there are a lot of postcards on the site and most people only seen the tiniest percentage of them at all.

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I’ve sent 336 cards so far, 252 have a picture uploaded. 122 of them (48.2 %) are favourites.
Most of them have 1 or 2 likes only. The vast majority of cards with 4 or more likes were sent from Austria. Now I sent cards from Germany and they don’t get as many likes.
I think cards of country with lots of Postcrossers are looked at less often, so I don’t think the numbers of likes/favourites are very meaningful or informative in general.
I wouldn’t worry about likes too much. :grin:


My ratio is 70%. I’ve sent 418 cards and all but 1 have a photo. 293 have at least one favourite.

137 have 1 favourite (47%)
58 have 2 favourites (20%)
35 have 3 favourites (12%)
23 have 4 favourites (9%)
8 have 5 favourites (3%)
6 have 6 favourites (2%)
6 have 7 favourites (2%)
4 have 8 favourites (1%)
8 have 9 favourites (3%)
2 have 10 favourites (0.7%)
1 has 12 favourites (0.3%)
2 have 15 favourites (0.7%)
1 has 16 favourites (0.3%)
1 has 17 favourites (0.3%)
1 has 26 favourites (0.3%)

%s are rounded so don’t equal 100%.

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When I get a nice frog for my collection, I don’t really care what rating it has on the wall - it can be 0 and I won’t care. Same for the cards I send to someone. I’m not doing this to fit into some “many likes” standard norms. Recipient satisfied? And fine!

This is definitely the case! My postcards from Iceland are far more popular than my Czech postcards. It seems nature views and animals are the most popular, together with the Simpsons :smile: Buildings don’t seem to be extra popular even when they are fancy and from a rare country. Overall 255/429 of my sent postcards have a :heart: I think people are just more likely to like something that is more exotic.