What postcards have you sent or received today?

Cards going to Taiwan, Malaysia, Finland and Germany.

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Close your eyes if you don’t want to read it.
Is it so hard to let people be how they are???

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-my mail 08.06.: Meetingcards from Angel84 (DE) and Bcsikar (RS) and Thank you card from angeliina (FI)

-my mail 07.06.: Meetingcard from Joeyana (DE)

-my mail 05.06.: Meetingcards from Moussette and bencoste (FR)

-my mail 04.06.: official from RU and meetingcards from Wolfsmondfee, Friesendeern, Kugusch, DeepBlueSea, Cartero57 and Knopf-17 and surprisecard from Hoentje (DE)
Look here

-outgoing mail : surprisecard to DE

-received a card from me: Hoentje (DE), Jeke (BE) and angeliina (FI)

-Official cards travelling to: :cn: 363 days, 242 days, 121 days, Expired :frowning: and 9 days, :belarus: 332 days Expired :frowning: ,12 days and 6 days , :jp: 314 days, Expired and 14 days, :ru: 195 days, Expired :frowning: , 48 days, 46 days, 18 days, 14 days, 12 days and 9 days , :us: 18 days and 14 days, :australia: 18 days, :fr: 13 days and :taiwan: 9 days.

-Last 10 received: :hong_kong:, :portugal:, :us:, :singapore:, :cn:, :us:, :ru:, :cn:, :ru: and :ru:.

Tomorrow to Germany


Two more postcards going out today.

To Russia

and to Ukraine.

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Two cards today to start the week, this one from Germany and another from the US.

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I received first ever postcards that i have win in the lottery! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
thanks to @steph66

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This wonderful homemade postcard was in my mailbox today. As a Godzilla fan, I am of course very excited.

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This card reached the US today

And this card leaves for Russia

I received a postcard that perfectly captures the character of one of my chickens! :chicken:
(Here’s a picture of it next to the actual chicken - the gray one).


A card from my mailbox.

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I just got this card today from Germany

Here are two postcards that were in my mailbox today.

From Switzerland…

… and this one from Taiwan.


This card reached Germany late yesterday

And this card leaves for Finland

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Off today!

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I’m still at the philately shop, but all these have gone on their way/have been postmarked. :grin:

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Sent postcards that arrived this week :mailbox:

The Toy Shop by Dutch illustrator Anton Pieck (1895-1987):

Ghibli’s Spirited Away:

A White Macaw (18th century) by Itō Jakuchū:


Thanks @breeze2902 - thanks for this great meetup card and the Bordentown, NJ meetup card. Some day I’ll get back into the meetup circuit. Hope you have a great summer! :sunny:

This card reached the US

And this card leaves for Hungary. My first card to that country.