What postcards have you sent or received today?

Today I sent several postcards, USA and Germany


I love these cards in my mailbox today! Bubble tea and red pandas, two of my favorite things. A tag and an official.


hi, will I send a postcard for the first time? do I need to put it in an envelope?

No you don’t need to do that. Most of us prefer a postcard without an envelope. Good luck with your first postcard! :blush::sunflower: @anygor

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My latest sent postcards :incoming_envelope:


It is always fun when the solitary hobby of writing postcards comes together in a Postcrossing MeetUp.

Yesterday was 30 April 2022 - 11th International London Meetup

Drawing up 10 postcrossing address:

8 Europe desinations and 2 to the rest of the world.

Hope receivers will enjoy the MeetUp postcard.

Only when I left the Lord Raglan pub where we were postcard signing, did I realise that the pub is themed on postal history. I thought since the pub is named after a military Lord Raglan, it was just about military history. After writing all the postcards and going outside opposite to post in the postbox, did I learn that at this site stood the original old General Post Office headquarters of the UK.

The green painted Penfold letter box, where I posted everyone’s postcards; I had no idea postboxes used to be painted green originally not the contemporary and iconic red I grew up with. More info: https://www.ianvisits.co.uk/articles/spot-the-green-penfold-letterbox-in-the-city-of-london-29037/

Thanks to @constanze for organising a successful 11th International London MeetUp and letting me realise the postbox is a replica postbox. (The plaque didn’t mention it clearly it was a replica.) But look out in your postbox fellow Postcrossers:


@teamug (bonus postcard - my letter is still being written to you Chrissy, but thought you’d enjoy this MeetUp postcard)





Thanks to @Star-Mix-1982 Danny for the MeetUp postcard: designing, printing and making sure I got these postcards to send to fellow postcrossers. Especially as the Musuem of London featured on the postcard, will close this Autumn 2022 and move to Smithfield.

If any postcrossers come here in the future, let’s see if that tree in the building circle/that is also a roundabout road, survives the next building project for this location.


-my mail 30.04.: officials from HK and EE

-sent today: officials to US and LT and surprisecard to GB

-sent yesterday: 12 meetingcards

-Official cards travelling to: :cn: 336 days, 316 days, 203 days Expired :frowning: ,17 days and 11 days, :azerbaijan: 309 days Expired :frowning: , :us: 277 days Expired :frowning: ,35 days and 1 day, :uk: 128 days, Expired :frowning: and 29 days, :fr: 41 days, :ru: 35 days, 18 days and 17 days, :taiwan: 14 days, :slovakia: 1 day and :lithuania: today.

-Last 10 received: :cn:, :netherlands:, :netherlands:, :us:, :netherlands:, :it:, :canada:, :us:, :hong_kong: and :estonia:.


Oh, good girl for thinking of me. I know some other participants from the one London meet-up I attended years ago. :sparkling_heart: I definitely have to keep that pub in mind when I next come to the British shores. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@teamug Chrissy, I highly recommend the steak pie with chips. Yummy.

Have a look at the menu, for your dream trip planning.

There seems to be a few Lord Raglan pubs in the UK, but here is the direct link mentioned in the thread:

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Well I keep it in mind. My next destination is further to the north. A card will travel to you from there. Promise!

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@Rickee1368 - Nevada Lou Paper - Thank you, I am so so very close to FINISHING! Provided until Louise spits out another state. She is working on CT now, she said. I also love bats - and broadway! Although I have never been. I used to collect playbills by writing to the theatres and asking for one they would always send.

@Cassisia - Thanks so much for the card, I love it. I am loving all the healthcare worker cards lately. I work in the ER at a small hospital and some days are rough. I also appreciate the stickers and stamp you chose! SO pretty.

@geosmin_petrichor - I love this card, thank you for choosing it for me! I have 2 siamese cats as well as Maine Coon. My last siamese cat lived to be about 20. I got him when I was FIVE. He was my first best friend. I love animals <3

@bryyo - Thank you so much for the owl postcard, I love it and the washi was great too. Not too big at all! :slight_smile:


Now that I finally got my stamps, three officials out to Germany.


Some recently sent Miffy cards: :rabbit:


I absolutely adore space related postcards. Even more so if they are in a retro illustrated style - so the sender from USA knocked it right out of the park on this one! :star_struck::milky_way:


I created this card with stuff sent by some postcrossers.
I like postcrossing but I do love postcrossers!
Thank you @varn for the beautifull papers that inspired me and thank you @Nelli for the rose.


My mailbox was very happy today (me as well, of course :slightly_smiling_face:):
Two official postcards today

I’m already looking forward to make this strawberries dessert at the weekend :drooling_face:

And as a bonus there was also a letter from my highschool teacher.

She was very supportive of me when my family moved from Kazakhstan to Germany some 20 years ago and I ended up in her class. I’m not so sure if I would have ended studying at a university if it wasn’t for her belief in me and her guidance.
We’ve been staying in contact this whole time, writing letters & sending postcards :blush:


Two tags headed for the mailbox in a few minutes…


These will go out later today. Swap and two tags.


Official ones today. Germany is getting 8. US is getting 1. Just about time to order more postcards. Getting low on my national parks cards. Where do yall order postcards from. My local postoffices dont carry postcards.


I’ve received this great cat card from @kayler00 yesterday. Love it! :yellow_heart: :blue_heart: Thank you very much for the swap!

And @Pixiedustlady sent me an awesome elephant RAS card. :heart_eyes: With a wool mammoth stamp! Thank you so much for the surprise, Darcie!