What popular postcard series are there?

As I often come across postcard wishlists on postcrossers’ profiles where they are referred to by a country name or simply a number, I wonder if there is any widely circulated code list to facilitate cataloging and perhaps swapping. Meanwhile, I’ve started to compile one.

But before that, I’d like to know how many postcard series there are that are popular among postcrossers (say, relatively easily tradable domestically, regionally or globally)? Would appreciate it if you could reply and tell me some popular postcard series and their websites. Thank you!

Blue Cats

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There is this wiki:

But I am not sure you can see that. If not, please visit @Cassiopheia 's German thread here:

Thank you for reminding me, I will ask that the wiki be moved to the main section!

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Thank you! The “New definitions for the trades section” page is private as of now.

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Hello varn, you can find a list of different series postcard types in the wiki here, in the third section "Postcards (popular types of specific cards):

Feel free to edit that wiki to add more if you think of any!

Thank you @scrutiny! Skimming through the wiki now.