What little gifts have your received with your postcards?

I think we can all agree that the main gift of Postcrossing is the card itself, but I would like to hear what other little gifts you have received along with the cards. For example, I have received seed packets for my garden, unused stickers, blank postcards, teabags, pressed leaves and an eau de cologne wetwipe. So tell me:

What were the gifts?
Were they things you had asked for on your profile or complete surprises?
How do you feel when you find them? Has there been anything you disliked?
What is something you haven’t received, but would like to?

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There have been several envelopes with gifts since my joining Postcrossing. I have received tea bags, papers for journaling, stickers, bookmarks, photographs of people’s favorite places, washi-tape, stamps, even newspapers and coins/banknotes, used tickets. On my profile i asked for nothing that’s why all of these things were kinda big surprise. I guess i liked everything i have ever received. People are adorable💫 They can amaze you just by simple gifts…


I clearly wrote written and stamped without envelope in my profile but there were some members sent me card in envelope. :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :mask: :mask: :face_with_thermometer: :face_with_thermometer:

What were the gifts? Well, some of them are junk :sweat_smile: I really don’t like it.

  • Coins. I have mixed feeling receiving a coin. I don’t collect coin but sometimes they are beautiful. I keep them.
  • Movie tickets. I don’t like them. I threw them away.
  • Tea bags. I gave them to a friend who collects tea bag.
  • Telephone cards :crazy_face: They were popular in 90s when I was still a kid. I don’t have memory with telephone card. I threw them away.
  • Extra blank cards. I love them :sweat_smile:
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Oh that reminds me, I have received some of those too. The ideal present for a postcrosser, really :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve received many little things over the years like tea, loose stamps, coins, and origami, but someone from Germany once enclosed a deck of playing cards. Very cool.


I got bookmarks, tea bags and stamps :slight_smile:

I’ve received various thkngs:
Extra postcards
Used stamps
wasi tape
Origami crane
Tea bags
craft paper

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Extra postcards
Used stamps
Washi tape
Tea bags
Journaling paper
ad sheets from places
Movie tickets
A child drawing of the taipei tower
Pressed leaves and a flower
Postal stickers from the US
Probably more that I can’t think of?

I keep and use everything I can
havent received coins nor banknotes yet, would love a banknote someday

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Well that’s certainly unique! What was the context for that?

Aww, sweet. Was the sender the child in question? I’m afraid if I tried to draw local landmarks, it would look like a child had done it :sweat_smile:

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Only one tea bag from Russia.

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account was of a school doing postcrossing, cards were written by the children, so that was a drawing of the child who wrote and sent me the card

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My “extras” have mostly been tea bags (sealed, that is, not loose). Because my profile mentions how much I love tea, some people have been moved to spontaneously share their favourites! It had never occurred to me that people would take it as a cue to share tea with me, but I have to admit that I am always deeply touched when that happens. When I drink the tea, I always think of my friendly Postcrosser so many miles away, and imagine that I’m enjoying a cuppa with them.

I’ve also received the occasional extra postcard, usually when someone realizes they have 2 cards that fit my interests and decide to share both. I am always blown away by the generosity of Postcrossing members!!

(Going to follow this thread to get ideas of things that I might occasionally enclose in envelopes that are especially likely to be appreciated!)

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I peeked at your profile and it doesn’t mention playing cards in any way - did the sender just add them out of the blue or was there some other explanation? Either way, what a neat little “souvenir”.

I found tickects to zoo in other country

Ich habe zwar noch nichts bekommen, habe aber selber Samen , Münzen und extra Karten verschickt. Glaube, die anderen haben sich gefreut!

Joined Postcrossing from April 2021, so I am still quite new to Postcrossing. I wished I knew earlier. :rofl:

Things I received which is mentioned in my profile:
✓ Maxicards
✓ Used stamps

Not mentioned:
✓ Stickers
✓ Small cards, baseball cards
✓ Mint stamps
✓ Extra postcards

I keep a stamp album dedicated for stamps I got from other postcrossers. This is a reminder for me of how generous people are in Postcrossing. I do send used stamps and mint stamps to people who mentioned that they love stamps, collect stamps, and would love to receive used stamps. The beauty of paying it forward.

Cards other than postcards are stored in an album too. Pretty little things from around the world. :blush:

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I’ve received extra blank postcards. I use them to get new written postcards.

However, I prepared one to send with some coins (the lady asked for some) and I drew snoopy saying hello in chinese in the back of the postcard I attached. (She mentioned she liked Snoopy) I hope she likes it.

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What a lovely idea! At the moment my own “album” is rather shoebox-shaped due to lack of storage space, but in the future I might dedicate a section of a proper album to Postcrossing.

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