What languages do you speak?

Hello friends! Hello @meiadeleite, @paulo, @Mundoo, @fisherman, @Geminiscp and @JetteLise!
This new forum brings the world even closer together. I notice that time and time again international visits to the German Forum are making themselves felt. That’s very nice - now I’ve noticed that one important thing is not shown in the Forum profile. Would it be possible to display not only the number of postcards, the place of residence or the time spent writing, but also the languages that people can speak/write? That would be very helpful for this global forum.
It would be great if you could program that.


That would be a nice feature and it is really interesting to know which and how many languages a person speek.

But is that really so important for the Forum?
In the international part of the forum only english is spoken anyway and in the language and geographical communities only the national language.

And you can quickly click on :postcrossing: and you can see in the profile on the main page which language the person speaks (if they have indicated it there).


But yes dear @Bille, it’s important here in the forum - when I see what language the person can speak, I might be able to use another one than English, one that suits me better. (When writing cards or personal messages.) So I always have to click back and forth to the main page and scroll…it is very time consuming.


Yes, I would just look there if I needed to know. I think adding this information would just make the forum “profile” look busier, especially when there are more than 2-3 languages. And in the forum, it would be the people going to the languages - I would go and read the sections of the languages I know. How would this information help? Also bearing in mind it is available with just a few more clicks if needed.


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