What is you countries average time for mail to be traveling?

Hi, how long does the mail to travel in your country? Here in the USA mail takes 4 to 6 days to travel (used to be 1-3).

I haven’t tried domestic traveling through Norway but in Spain to send a letter from the same town (let’s say, a couple streets apart) it takes A WEEK.
Maybe it is a little bit faster is very big cities but my town is not so small. :woman_shrugging:

Also, something really useful in Postcrossing statics is that you can kind of estimate if your postcard sent to X country is taking longer than usual.
For example; let’s say I have a Travelling postcard to China and it’s been around for 29 days and I’m thinking “Is that too much or is it normal?”.
Then what I do is: I go to the “Countries” section, go to Norway, go to the #1 postcrosser user and check their statics.
I go to “China” and check the average “sent” and the average “received” time.
Because the top 3 postcrossers have sent a huge amount of postcards, this is actually a nice “average” calculation (true that Covid still delays everything).
Then, depending on the difference of the average “sent” time to China and the time my postcard is taking, I know if it is still on track or if it might be delayed/missed.
At least it helps me a bit with the waiting. :sweat_smile:

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По Беларуси идёт не больше 4 дней.

English please

First class (85p) should take 1 working day* although occasionally takes longer. Second class (66p) takes 2-3 working days*, although sometimes arrives in 1 day and other times takes more than 3!

*Working days include Saturdays

Domestic? About 2-3 days I believe. This is for the Netherlands

The mail delivery of Finland has gone worse lately. From Finland to Finland it takes 2-10 working days (without Saturdays and Sundays) but the mail from Finland to Germany (for example) goes in the same time or even faster.

Here if you don’t post the postcard on a holiday, or a day mail isn’t delivered or processed, it will generally arrive the next day.

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One or two working days.

In Austria:

Economy 0,74 Euro: 2-4 days (sometimes only one day or more)
Priority 0,85 Euro: 1-2 (sometimes longer)

If you send a postcard from venezuela, it takes like 160 days traveling… To receive a postcard in Venezuela it takes like 30-40 days