What is the name of this style/brand of postcard? - Lou Paper cards

What is the brand name or series name of this style of US state postcard? I’ve received one and really like it and would like to see where I might be able to view and order more.



The cards are designed and sold by LouPapers. She’s a seller on Etsy. In addition to the State cards she also has food, gardening, postal cards etc. Every one of them is gorgeous.
I’ve bought cards from her and they were very high quality, fast shipping and included extras.


Awesome! Thank you!

Have not seen this particular one before, but “State Facts” postcards are quite popular.

@Laidlaw I currently have an open group to join for those cards in the Offers & Requests RR.

Lou Paper

Here’s the link to the RR

I should also note, in the next week or two (I post new groups on Mondays) I will be offering the Lou Paper States. :slight_smile:


@Hedva-622 i have the Ohio loupaper to swap

I am new to Postcard collecting and Postcrossing. I have run into the term “Lou Paper” over and over. What is Lou Paper? I’ve looked it up on the interwebs and on this forum and it looks like they;re handmade postcards decorated with stickers. Is there more to these? I’m sure I’m not the only newbie worndering about this.

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They’re not stickers, they’re hand illustrated, printed postcards from maker LouPaper and very popular with some Postcrossers.

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You might find this list of terms frequently used on Forum including kinds of series postcards useful.


Thanks for the tip. Very helpful.

I google LouPaper postcard about 4 months after I joined Postcrossing last year. I noticed so many people having them on their wish list, that I just had to see for myself what the fuss was all about!! and now I keep some on hand so that I may fulfill those wishes… they are beautiful!

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PM your address and I will send you a South Carolina one. :slight_smile: