What is the most wanted postcard from the USA?

You can get postcards from the state park office as well

According to me, Loupaper postcards are really really famous from the USA! I collect them so I totally understand why they are so famous!


Just read their profile, most people will tell you what kind of cards they will like the most

The top 8 of my most popular cards I have sent are from the 59 parks series, and I have received a swap request before for multiple blank cards.
NASA is famous globally, so space is also a good theme too.
I was also surprised about how many people want Disney cards on their direct swaps requests/profiles, so I’ll get more of them next time from Orlando.

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I have a collection of postcards with views of all 50 US states. I love postcards that shows something popular, scenic or funny in the state and say the state name on them! Here are some of my favorites:

And here’s my whole collection :blush:

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