What is the current price of USA postage?

I live in the USA and heard about there were stamp increases and I need to know what that means for each individual stamp please as well including the price of international postcard/first class envelope? Thanks.

Upcoming United States Postage Increases

the present price is 36¢ for a domestic postcard and 55¢ for 1st oz. letter. international rate for postcard and letter 1st oz. is $1.20. but prices increase to 40¢ for domestic postcard and 58¢ for 1st oz. letter. international postcard and letter 1st oz. increases to $1.30. you do not need to worry about price increases if you have the forever stamps. it would say “postcard” on the postcard rate domestic stamp jsut “forever” for domestic letter 1st oz. stamp and “global” for international stamp. would suggest go buy stamps before the increase on august 29th.


One thing I do is put several stamp values for international. For example lately there’s 2 first class stamps, one 10 cent and a one cent stamp. I wonder if the forever stamps will tackle it seeing as they’ve gone up in value?

hi karl,
when the price increases on the 29th august, you can still use 2 forever stamps but will need to use additional postage of 14¢ to equal $1.30. until then, you can keep putting 2 forever stamps plus 10¢. usually the post office excuses a few days of the rate change. i do agree that using 2 forever stamps plus the additional postage make the postcard look better. i do not like the look of the “global” international stamps. but stock up on postage (forever) stamps before the 29th - pay old postage prices for the new rate. enjoy the weekend.


That’s what I like to do too. I sat down a couple of days ago to do some math on the best way to send international letters/postcards with the stamps available for the new prices. Here are the different ways I’ve found: (The new rate will be $1.30 to mail internationally, so anything over that rate will work)

1 international stamp = $1.30
2 forever stamps + 10 cent stamp + 1 cent stamp + 3 cent stamp = $1.30
2 forever stamps + 10 cent stamp + 5 cent stamp = $1.31
2 forever stamps + Additional ounce stamp = $1.36
Nonmachinable stamp + forever stamp = $1.36
3 oz stamp + postcard stamp = $1.38
1 forever stamp + 2 postcard stamps = $1.38


International receivers seem to like that better as they’ve seen many USA international stamps. I haven’t seen the new design yet.

I just bought some of the US postcard domestic stamps before the increase. Will I need to buy stamps that equal an additional .4 cents for US domestic cards or will the ones I just bought still work?

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They still work. They’re always whatever the current postcard rate is. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much! I just wanted to make sure. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Forever stamps work forever for current value!

I just sat down to do this math the other night. It was maddeningly difficult to get to exactly $1.30. I’ve been sending the 2 forever + 10 + 5 cent (1 cent overage), which isn’t a big deal. But correct me if I’m wrong doesn’t the following also work

3 postcard stamps (.40+.40+.40 = 1.20) + 1 ten cent stamp also work? Same # of stamps as the aforementioned method, but just another option esp if you dont have a lot of the smaller denominations on hand.

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Yes, three postcards + extra 10ct work as well

Phew thanks. I wasn’t sure if them being postcard stamps for some reason meant they couldn’t be sent internationally. (I psyched myself out not seeing them included in @MystiqueDeep 's math). Doubt your doubts before you doubt yourself

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No, I just didn’t come up with that solution :slight_smile: You’re ahead of me!


Just wanted to update this thread with the new increases that occurred on July 10th for fresh eyes:

USPS Postage Increases July 2022

Summary of new prices:
$1.40 for international postage
$.60 forever stamp (letter)
$.44 for postcard postage (within US only)
$.24 additional ounce.


So does this mean I need a global/international stamp to send a postcard?

One stamp is only good within the us?

One “forever” stamp, currently worth 66 cents, is good for a first class, U.S. domestic letter, A domestic postcard costs 51 cents to mail.
To mail a postcard overseas, you’d need a global stamp, currently $1.50, or you could use two U.S. “forever stamps” plus eighteen cents additional postage to mail a card overseas.