What is the correct postage from China?

Hello! I am just wondering how much is correct postage from China? I noticed it’s always different. There’s 2 / 3.60 / 4.80 and 6. Thanks for anyone responding.

You can look it up yourself:

But on generell for postcard international its

Airmail: 4,50 RMB
Airlifted: 4,- RMB (inside country surface, country to country airmail)
Surface: 3,- RMB

4,50 RMB is around -.67 Dollar
3 RMB is around -.44 Dollar

Btw.: this is of course P.R China (not Taiwan)


And the postage for postcards and letters are different

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Right… okay! Thank you. I sometimes see 2x of the 3 stamp. But then i get postcard of 2! Hehe just really confused it always different.

That makes sense. Here in the UK is all the same even if it’s postcards or envelopes

Air mail :5.00
Surface :3.50

Letter: <20g
Air mail: 5.00(Countries around China),5.50(Other Asian countries ),6.00(Europe and North America), 7.00(Africa and South America )
Surface: 4.00

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The par value of our most common stamps are 0.8, 1.2 & 1.5. It’s not easy to suit the price. For example, if I mail a postcard by surface, I usually put 3 stamps with the par value of 1.2. So though the price is 3.5, the stamps are 3.6.

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Thank you

Ok i get it now!! Makes so much sense. Thank you.