What is the best and beautiful Malaysia stamps you ever received?

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I would love to hear your experience and thoughts regarding Malaysia stamps . Share with us if u have any malaysia stamps.

If u guys have any wishlist also can write down here. Cheers…

Here are few of Malaysia stamps i always use.


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All these stamps are super nice! I especially love the ones with animals on them.
I have a few Malaysia stamps in my stamp collection.
One souvenir sheet in the shape of a fish, and one showing Malaysian postmen. I also have a couple of used stamps, mainly stamps with flowers on them.

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These are the stamps in my stamp collection:

I have also received one postcard from Malaysia, these are the stamps on the postcard:


I’ve sadly not yet received any mail from Malaysia (not sure if it’s possible to send to UK at the moment…). I love all your stamps, but the animal (maybe a deer?) is super cute and the flowers are gorgeous too :heart_eyes:. I’m sure the recipients of your cards are super happy!

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sure u have such a beautiful stamps. Few are old enough n called as classic set. Hope u love it… Tq for sharing with mee

Deer u can scan using qr code scanner.

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I received a postcard for Malaysia earlier in this week.


@KRR That animals set was launched 2002. U r lucky to have that rare old set… I also dont have that. :joy:

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Just recently my daughter recieved this beautiful stamp from Malaysia.


@lauranalanthalasa This stamp was released back in 2013. Quite new but rare can be seen to be used as postage stamp. Mostly people keep as collection. Lucky to have this. Tq sharing. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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These unused Malaysian stamps (a few with slight gum toning) were found inside an old stockbook. I’m considering giving it away, gratis. Any collectors interested?

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Much interested :star_struck:.

Hello Raveen,
Good day to you…
Sure, no worries. Will you be interested in the whole lot or any particular set?

my top favorite stamp collection is elephant so my favorite stamps i have from malaysia are these :laughing: if there are any more malaysian stamps with elephant on them, i would be glad to swap :blush:


I found this stamp that was released in 2019. I’ll send it to you, gratis. PM me your mailing address. Cheers.


Hi Mhamim @Osafirnash ,

I am very much interested.

Appreciate you can contact/message me for details.

Thank you very much :star_struck:

Teng Mun Kien

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nice stamps… Wow…