What is meant by "Please send card in envelope"?

I have gotten a few requests from people on their profiles to send postcards in envelopes. I’m confused by it. I’m not sure I understand what they are asking for - doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a postcard?

Do they mean literally put a postcard in an envelope or do they just want a folded notecard? I wouldn’t know where to get envelopes that fit a postcard, is that a common thing in other parts of the world? Someone asked for this particular because they like stamps, but the stamp would still be on the outside, correct?

Any insight would be appreciated. It’s a common enough request that I feel like it is obvious to everyone but me.

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Some like it because it gives the card some protection as it travels. Others find it easier to remove the stamps.

You can definitely buy small envelopes for this. But I find they are seldom wanted.

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They mean literally that. Some postcrossers want to have their cards in envelopes in order to receive them in a pristine condition because they don’t like mail scars by sorting machines.


But they still just want the stamps on the envelope and not more (unused) stamps on the inside, correct?

Thanks for the answers! This helps.

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Yes, usually people who ask this, collect used stamps. They don’t want do destroy the card to remove stamps but would like to separate the stamps from the mailed item.


Yes, just on the outside. Some people ask for envelopes for privacy reasons or sometimes it might be about getting around censorship/monitoring activities too.

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Would someone get cross if you just posted the postcard without putting it in an envelope?

I have got asked to send postcards in envelopes exactly for the reasons mentioned already; stamp collecting, to prevent damages caused by the travel, and the privacy (or if the card has controversial theme). Few times I have also been requested to send cards in envelope as the person collects only unwritten cards, but this has happened only couple of times and always in private swaps.

And yes, at least in Europe there are envelopes that fits standard sized postcards perfectly. It is the C6 envelope :slight_smile: But this size system is not used in States, I believe.

@slknig so far that I know rules don’t say anything about envelopes, and the members should not make demands, so it is all ok to send without envelope anyway even if the profile asks for that. I guess somebody might get upset about it, but that is purely their own problem.

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I don’t think so; I’ve never sent a card in an envelope, just because I don’t have the envelopes and don’t want to go through the extra hassle. No one’s ever said anything to me when they receive it.

But I haven’t done a comparison to see if there’s a correlation between those who request it and those who don’t register cards. Maybe they know their local post will lose/damage postcards more often than envelopes?

You can also make your own envelope from old magazine, brochure, advertisement, etc


Interesting to hear thank you :slight_smile: I haven’t been asked to send one in an envelope yet but I know I haven’t got any suitable and I prefer sending them as postcards.

Mailman here, folding cards and irregular shaped or sized postcards are recommended to be sent in an envelope internationally as the electronic sorting machine will discard them to manual processing at every node so NOT doing so can significantly increase delivery time. Also cards with pictures that can be considered bold or controversial are also recommended to be sent in an envelope specially if sent to any of the more strict countries as they can be considered offensive and/or contraband and might get destroyed or in worst case cause problems to the recipient. Also previously stated reasons of collecting cards and/or stamps apply.


Thanks everyone for the responses! I feel educated and will be less grumpy in the future when I see this request now that I know there are some pretty good reasons for it.


[quote=“kiwisnap, post:13, topic:57165, full:true”]
Thanks everyone for the responses! I feel educated and will be less grumpy in the future when I see this request now that I know there are some pretty good reasons for it.[/quote]

I generally send Official cards by themselves, or as others say, “naked.” Now if you wish to send an official card in an envelope, that is up to you. Generally, people who like to get cards in envelopes like to get the card Unwritten. In those cases, the sender may write the Postcard ID on a Post-It note and affix it to the card. Again, you don’t have to do that.

If you ever need to buy envelopes suitable for postcards, there are a variety of sources. I usually buy mine at Amazon or a local paper wholesaler. The size you need is A-6.

From the FAQs: https://www.postcrossing.com/help/should-i-send-my-postcard-in-an-envelope

which contains “…it’s up to you to decide how to send your postcards.”

I’ve never sent a card in an envelope and really don’t intend to. I might even be so turned-off by such a request that I would drop it on the way to the mail box (Oh Dear!) and tread on it before picking it up again (Oh Dear!) so that it gets travel-damaged before its journey has even started. :slightly_smiling_face:

If someone asks to send in an envelope, I send it so, if I remember. I don’t have envelopes right now, but I fold it from a magazine or something, and if they like other things as well, like a coin, or used stamps, or something else, I can send it there too.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I hope not! In some countries it’s more expensive to send a letter. In Germany a “standard letter” (an envelope weighing up to 20g) requires postage of 1,10€, a postcard 0,95€. Not a big difference, but it sums up if you send many envelopes… So normally I don’t use them. But I make exeptions when sending a special stamp to a collector. :wink:

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I never send cards in an envelope, mostly because I would have to buy special envelopes. People can request anything but you are only obligated to send A card and register ones you receive.
Don’t worry if they get mad.

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Thanks for the insight!

I write letters regularly so I have envelopes around (I’m surprised that in the USA it’s strange that postcards fit an envelope? :sweat_smile:).

I’m not a big fan of this request but I’ve done it when I lived in the UK because the cost was exactly the same. Here in Singapore it costs twice as much to send in an envelope (it’s a small cost but still twice as much!) so I’m not doing it. Well I’ve done it once recently because the recipient collects an item that I wanted to send her (I keep stuff for ages until I find a collector!) but at least I sent two things in one and for once it’s not going to break my bank.

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