What is happening now box

Would it be possible to make the ‘What is happening now’ display on the front page either

  • display more slowly
  • show more lines
  • include a scroll bar?

This is rather childish, but I hardly ever catch my name scrolling up because I’m apparently not fast enough to go back there after I’ve either drawn an address or registered a card. :flushed:

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Usually it takes some time before your name appears in the TV, but you can open 2 Browser windows side by side (if you use a Laptop or a PC) - one with the TV and one where you register a card or draw an address.
That should solve your problem.

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in the TV? Is that a technical term?
Yes, that would work as a workaround, but a bit of a faff <—technical term :wink:

The “What is happening now?” display is called TV :slightly_smiling_face:


so the What postcards have you sent or received today? could be “Have you been on the TV today?”




:rofl::rofl::rofl: that was funny, I approve this suggestion. :joy:

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Eh, technically the “What is happening now?” pane is referred to as liveEvents. It essentially append every event (send/receive/signup) to the bottom of the pane.

The data is actually real time updated, but the longer you keep the page open, the more delayed it got. (I suspect it’s because of the server or render lag or else. I probably will file a bug report when I found out). And after 5 minutes, it just stops refreshing entirely.

So if you want to see you name popup on live event, you should open the homepage in a new tab first (refresh also works), draw the address from another new tab and switch back to the homepage tab, you might catch a glimpse of your name passing by.


Yes, I’ve noticed that. I used to read random profiles then gave up that sub-hobby.

Please connect US with Russian Federation people right now - this would be a great time to connect people from these countries. Also, Ukraine and Russian Federation - seems like an idea - let’s stop the war madness through connecting people!

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I learned something new today! :smiley: