What is "handmade"?

What’s your interpretation of “handmade” when it comes to postcards? I will read a profile that states they like hand painted cards but then go on to say they don’t like handmade cards. Hmmmmmm :thinking:

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For me a handmade card is the original artwork which is unique. Digitalising the original artwork to get it printed is no longer handmade for me.

In your case I would interpret it as: a painting / illustration made by hand (not digital art), digitalising it and getting it printed.

If you paint on a postcard - I’d consider that a handmade card
a reprint of the same art I would consider a hand painted picture, but not handmade.

E.g. This is for sure a hand-painted picture, but not a handmade card:


I don’t like receiving handmade cards. I know that such a card can be really interesting if someone has artistic skills and makes it carefully. But some people seem to misunderstand the word “handmade” and send me a cut-out of a rice box as a postcard. This is NOT a postcard, just plain garbage :slightly_frowning_face:

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I only send handmade postcards to those who specify a desire to receive handmade postcards. For me, a handmade postcard should involve creating one’s own artwork through drawing, collage, or some other artistic form on a blank card. Printing one’s own work is not considered a handmade postcard. However, I approach such postcards with caution because everyone’s level of craftsmanship varies. :grimacing:


in that case, people should make clear that they can’t be named “handmade”, but better specify these cut-outs as “food package cards”. There are indeed people who like these, there are even some RR groups with this topic


I think hand made is some way crafted, like cut and glue, cross stiched etc. but I would say painted is also hand made.

Still the profile you write about, I would think they will like a card, if I painted it, but not for example rubber stamped card.

Any food box or book cover etc part then is not hand made to me, because it’s someone else’s design. (But still I would not send such to a member who doesn’t like hand made, because I think they only like company made cards.)

One thing came to mind; I sent a card, painted with toes, I really like these series and I think it’s very cool way to do art. But the receiver didn’t like it, because it was with toes, while they liked painted, they only preferred normally painted.
So it can also be, they like painted, but only hand painted.

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I would be blown away to receive a card painted with the artist’s toes/feet/mouth. THAT is talent!!


One person’s garbage is another person’s treasure. I actually love food package cards. They are a peak behind the curtain of life in other countries. There are so many little, but wonderful, details that make each country different and what fills the shelves of grocery stores is one of those things.


There is an expansive variety of handmade and not everyone likes everything. I LOVE hand painted because I do not paint. I don’t love every style or level of handmade, so I participate in RR that focus on my favorites. I think it helps to be specific about what you do enjoy. I love painting and for some reason, those people tend to like my collage scenery. But I wouldn’t send it to someone who isn’t requesting it.

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I would LOVE a food packaging card especially if it’s from the US where I grew up. I think it is a very imaginative way of making a card. And we have to take into account some members might be on a tight budget.