What inspires the type of message you write on a post card

Let’s discuss what inspires us to write a particular kind of message to the post crossers we send out cards too.

Since I havent travelled out of my country, I believe there are many post crossers out there who may be in the same situation like me. When I receive a card from a fellow post crosser, I feel like I have travelled to that place, so I am always inspired to write about life this side, how people live, and how the country’s weather and land scape is, I have a feeling it makes that person who receives the card feel like he or she has also travelled to that place.

I love writing and sending them cards showing the natural beauty that we have and how people live their life here and write an inspirational message of how the place is.

What inspires the kind of message you write to your fellow post crossers

Let’s have fun

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otimalfred, I think that is a great approach and idea. Bravo for you. Hopefully I will get a postcard from you one day. I would love to hear what it is like where you live.
I try to write something that is not in my profile. If the recipient mentions something in their profile that I can relate to, I might talk about that.
Usually I try to write something funny or silly. Try to bring a smile to their face.
For example, we like to feed the birds in our backyard and like to watch them come and go. sometimes I tell the recipient that my partner and I make up “bird soap operas” about the different birds. Like - oh, look at that bossy one, I’m sure she is married to that one and tells him what to do. Oh look at that bird - he is surely a spy because he is flicking birdseed down to the squirrels. Oh, look at that one, they are on a first date and he is taking her to this new restaurant…
Or I tell them something human - like trying to learn a new language and thought I was saying “deaf” but I really said “left handed” which made things quite funny.
I have found postcrossers to be really lovely people.
Hugs, Lisa

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I’d personally love to receive postcards where people talk about what their homes and countries are like! It’s such a wonderful way to learn more about the world.

I usually check the person’s profile to see if there is anything they like to hear about. If so, I will try to select one of those prompts to write about. I’ve sent to many people who like hearing about the front of the card and why you chose it. My favourite prompt came from someone who was curious to know stories of family drama!

If people don’t have any preferences, I usually stick to something related to the card (eg. a fact about a Disney movie if I’m sending a Disney card), or I like to tell the person something about what’s going on in my life at the moment, like foods I have been trying or things that have made me happy.


Often time I try to reply a bit to a person’s profile, especially if they’ve written questions in it. Sometimes I talk a bit about my day, but oftentimes I tell people about my hobbies and hopes and dreams for the future. I’ll also sometimes tell a bit about the postcard itself or the stamps I used.

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Well, to pick out a card is fairly easy. Many people do not have 100s of cards to chose from, so I pick one which best “fits” with the request. As far as content, if there is no request. I find something to write, I keep it lite, happy or usually what is on my mind at the time. I like writing small in order to put lots of information. I write about my location, things to see here, food, what I like to do here, customs, gatherings, stories and things you don’t hear every day. I’m bilingual and can write and translate something. I try to have fun with what I send. -Gmansocal

Whenever my fellow reader postcrossers ask me to recommend a book on their profile — I love to talk about my recently finished books or my favorite books and why I’d recommend it.


:bust_in_silhouette: The main source for inspiration for me is the postcrosser’s profile. And I don’t only mean wishes or questions expressed there - though I like that, not only because it makes things easier, but also sometimes inspires me to write about things I wouldn’;t have thought of otherwise. Also simple personal information, like the postcrossers age, his/her interests, being a parent, a teacher or a fellow migrant, may give me an idea what to write.

:city_sunset: Sometimes the card itself “asks” for a certain topic. Can be in a straightforward way - like showing a place with an insteresting history or associated with a certain memory. Or the picture triggers some kind of association with memories, recent events, or anything.

:date: Another thing that many of my postcard texts are inspired by are recent events - personal, politicial, whatever. In that case I treat the fellow postcrosser like a friend on whose shoulder I unload whatever is on my mind…

I think you need to sende one of that book

For me postcrossing is a bit like “Traveling and sightseeing per postcard”. I also like to do small internet recherches about the subjects I receive depicted on postcards.

So I also like to give some information about the subject depicted on my sent postcards. I always read the receiver’s profile carefully and try to find the right card for this person. I write, what I think could be of interest for a foreign person about my culture, our flora/fauna, food etc.
But it depends on the receiver. Sometimes I write about myself: my profession, hobbies, thoughts about life.

If the receiver has not filled out a profile, I think the person’s knowledge of English might be poor, or the person is not willing to give some information about him/herself. In both cases I respect this and only write a very short message like “greetings from xy … best wishes to you”.

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During lockdowns over the last year and a half, I think most people found that their world shrank, but many (including me) became far more observant of what we could see in the immediate area around our home. I’ve always enjoyed the natural world, so since then, I generally write on my postcards about the nature and wildlife I can see from home or on my walk. I write about how this changes with the seasons. Recently, I’ve been including a description of my back garden too and what we’ve planted there to attract wildlife. Sometimes I describe the wider landscape around my town.

Basically, I’m writing about what interests me, and what I would love to read about in postcards from others. I hope that those who receive my cards who aren’t native English speakers aren’t too baffled by my descriptions.

I use all sorts of ideas for what to write on the postcard. If I have something in common with someone, I might write about a common interest. If I came about a postcard in an interesting or unusual way or it is from a place I visited, I may write about that. Sometimes I use the prompts that people have on their profile. Others that specifically say they like jokes and puns may get a card filled with bad jokes. If I’m in the mood to send but not so much in the mood to write, I may write a shorter message about what my day was like or an event coming up that I look forward to. I love to receive written cards so I try to include at least a few sentences about me or the card. Sometimes it’s even fun facts about the image on the card.

I’m looking at the profile of the person I’m sending the postcard to. Many people ask to tell about their day, some interesting case from life or about their city. I choose something from this or tell you what is depicted on the postcard.

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Thank you for sharing those opinions. Its my culture to send people who have shared d opinions post cardcards.
I request you me your addresses and we have you cards sent. Thank you.

Thank you for sharing those opinions. Its my culture to send people who have shared d opinions post cardcards.
Feel free to send me your address,pm your address and we shall share cards with you talking of our culture

A lot of the time I write based on their profile. If there’s something I can relate to them with, I write it! I also know a lot of people like to know how the weather is in your country, so I include it that too sometimes. Or I include something I did that week or am going to do (and I like when people do that on the postcards I get).