What if some unexpected guests moved into your mailbox?

How cute is this story? I also want someone to move into my mailbox and make a home there!

But maybe I should renovate the mailbox first… :thinking:

PS: Thank you @JoDennis for sharing this heartwarming news with us!


That was so cute !!! I mean, a bit creepy to know someone is so invested in their mailbox, still it’s so sweet and creative. I wonder what’s going on through that Mystery person’s mind… Is he/she doing it for fun? To make the couple have a good time? Wow…


LOL! Love it! Thank you for sharing. We have stupid postal lockboxes here. Can’t be creative at all. Postal employee wont even allow lost dog/ cat signs on the lockbox. This article made me smile.


Wonderful story! I was expecting that some animals would be the unexpected guests, my neighbour had a couple of tits nesting in his mailbox a few years ago


This is so cute! :heart_eyes:
At first, when I read the headline to this topic, I expected a discussion about spiders or other critters in someone’s mailbox, but having it turned into dollhouse is such a sweet idea! I’m amazed, though, that they never found out who did this…

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This is the cutest story I read this week! :heart_eyes:

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I wonder if it could be the postal carrier behind all this mischief?


I might be weird, but when I was reading the article, my attention was caught by this little fascinating detail:
“While it is against the law for someone other than the mailbox owner and the mail carrier to put items in a mailbox […]”

It made me wonder how neighbour kids can advertise cake sales/flea market for their school if they aren’t allowed to slip ads in postboxes in the neighbourhood. :grin: When I was still in elementary school, I and my sister once took a walk around our neighbourhood to slip ads for Christmas sales at our school in postboxes. :postbox:

A cute and heart-warming story though. :slight_smile:


Such a lovely story!

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Made me smile! :smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hugs:

Thank you so much for sharing. This bought me joy :star_struck:

You are right - people do that all the time! I’ve never heard of anyone being prosecuted for it. But the law is on the books - probably so there is another tool for law enforcement to use against anyone leaving something malicious in another person’s mailbox.


we have lockboxes, our mailman won’t even allow us to put a lost cat / dog sign up on the mailbox. He takes it down the moment he sees it. :frowning:

as a bad joke, one of my neighbors found some crashed eggs in her mailbox :scream: