What if my postcard hasn´t been recieved

I am repeating the topic, because I accidantly deleted it…

but in the meantime I actually found an answer Imust have overlooked it before in Q§A. But it maybe might be helpful for someone else…

I have sent my first 5 postcardsand they have never been recieved but one. It is 23 days now. I would love tosend more postcards but I can´t. I am in UK so there was a struggle with borders over christmas tham being closed and somecountries don´t recieve our post (as Russia) where one of the postcards was going.

So I just didn´t know what to do. But now I found an answer that I need to wait 60 days. It is a lot I have to say. But I guess that´s what I need to do. What a shame. I have a hope the postcards will still arrive.


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