What does it take to become a post crossing moderator or admin

Happy new year folks and happy post crossing
What does it take to become a post crossing moderator.
I love the way these people guide us in many things through the platform

I would have loved to become an African moderator if I pass the criteria. But what does it take to become one.


Hi @otimalfred,

Thank you for your interest in this! We see moderators as extra helpful members of the community. They help keep a safe and fun environment for everyone, and their primary purpose is to take an active role posting relevant content and contributing to discussions as role models for other postcrossers.

So, the first requirement to becoming a moderator is to participate in discussions! If you’re active on the forum and your contributions are thoughtful, I’m sure they’ll be noticed sooner or later and you might then get an invitation to become a moderator! :slight_smile:


That’s nice

Thank you for giving more light in regards to that discussion

I am increasing my activeness in the forum

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