What do you do with stamps that you don't really like to send?

I have some stamps that I don’t really like because I don’t think they are very pretty. I feel weird sending these to other people because I don’t want to be sending something that I don’t really like myself, but I also don’t want these stamps to go to waste because I never use them up.

How do you handle stamps that you don’t really like to send? Do you care a lot about the stamps when receiving a postcard or do they not matter to you?

I’m always very happy about beautiful and unique stamps. Looking at the stamps on the postcards I received is actually one of my favourite things about postcrossing. I’d love to spark that same feeling in others. I feel like stamps are something that can really add to the whole postcard experience. I don’t recall ever disliking a stamp that was on a postcard I received, so I’m not sure why I’m so worried about sending stamps that the receiver might not like.


Normally I use stamps I don’t like on parcels or other post that requires a load of stamps, so I can mix in the ones I don’t like with the ones I do. Otherwise I just use them for things like postal competitions I enter as the stamp is going to be thrown away once the competition is over.

I don’t mind what kind of stamps someone uses - sometimes the ugliest or least appealing stamps are the most interesting ones, as they aren’t philatelic, just printed specifically for the purpose of posting something.


I put them on my mail to companies and institutions. :smile::wink:


I’ve been buying assorted (mystery) lots of 20¢ stamps to add to two commemoratives for international postage. The ones I find less interesting, I use for self-described stamp collectors (enthusiasts) who are looking for variety.


We all like some stamps better than others right?

I don’t buy the ones that really don’t appeal to me. There were 2 series of stamps I didn’t buy this year because they’d didn’t appeal to me (Canada Post issues a lot fewer stamps in a year than many countries so we only have so many choices).

But there are some more everyday stamps that I mix with more exciting ones when I send a postcard. I send 3 stamps on a card so I try to send 2 interesting ones & one more ordinary one, especially if their profile says they’re interested in stamps.

If you’ve bought them, then you need to use them up & remember lots of people don’t pay attention to the stamps on their cards so you’ll be fine.


Don’t bother too much about the stamps. You can’t always be perfect. Life goes on.
Now you have those “ugly” stamps : just use them.
Next time, try to buy nicer stamps.


I often get sent/torn/destroyed/unusable stamps to use as stamp collages since I have it stated on my page that I collect them! If you found someone who did the same when you did a swap, send some their way! I’ve also seen people using old stamps as stickers, a seal to an envelope, an addition to just spice up a card, or as a “fake” stamp if sending a card in an envelope. I’ve never disliked any stamps I’ve received, and sometimes the ones you dislike may fit someone’s profile perfectly. : )


Stamps don’t matter too much to me - I think they’re interesting and like to see what is depicted on them, but they’re not as important to me as the postcards, messages, or mail items themselves.

I try not to buy “ugly” or boring stamps, but if I do happen to end up with some to use, I save them for people like me who don’t care much about stamps, or I send them to collectors who may want them.

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sometimes it can be that the stamps you dont like other people like.
they can also be rare stamps if no-one likes to use them :slight_smile:
make a picture what stamps you dont like?

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I usually buy 10 stamps of all the new stamps that come out, that fit the postage rates I need.

Not everyone has the same taste, so don’t worry.

Of course I love stamps, that I find beautiful, best, but if I get the same stamps over and over it’s nice to just have a different stamp on my snailmail!

Really, don’t worry! :slight_smile:


I care a lot about the stamps when I am sending a postcard, indeed (it sometimes takes me more time to find the right stamp than the right postcard), but it seems that a lot of Postcrossers don’t pay attention to stamps, as it is quite rare that those who receive my postcards mention stamps in the Hurray message. I mean, I sometimes go to specific shops on specific days to get First Day Cover but they don’t really get noticed.
So I would use these stamps and explain what they represent, their story, etc…
By the way, I am curious; may I see these stamps?


I send out all my snailmail with special postmarks and maybe one in 25 people, that register my official card, mention the special postmark.

More mention the special stamp, but still, most people don’t.

@Aguaroble: it is super, that you make such an effort. I’d notice it and mention it too! :clap:


I have been buying the UK equivalent, and subsequently receiving quite a lot of military themed stamps. I don’t feel comfortable sending these out to everyone, but I also send them to stamp collectors, for exactly the same reason as you - they want variety in their stamps.

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I also care about stamps - I like the stories they tell.

I try to use stamps that I find aesthetically pleasing, and I hope my recipients like them too.

Sometimes though, I get stamps I’m not inspired about. I still use them, knowing that there are people who don’t pay attention to the stamps.
I also use them on letters/notes to my friends, because I know they don’t care for stamps.

keeping them until someone might want them.
And reminding myself that stamps I do find boring (e.g. those flowers…) still are something that others may like - had some private contacts to US and NL (not active in Postcrossing so not getting that much german mail) who mentioned how much they like the flower stamps I’ve only put on the card to get the correct amount.
So they got different flowers the next time and loved them also.

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i use stamps i don’t like for those profiles who don’t care about the stamps or for empty profiles, but sometimes it happens that i have a stamp i don’t like but it has something that matches to a wishlist, so it’s perfect :rofl:
there’s a stamp of 2,40 euros that i don’t like, but it is smaller than others of the same amount and i think it’s perfect because it leaves enough space for those addresses out of europe with 5-6 lines :rofl:

Simple - if the person doesn’t mention even once the word “stamp” in their profile, I won’t be as regarding to the beauty of the stamp(s) I use :slight_smile:
I apply the same thing for me - i know i care less about stamps than average Postcrossers so I just don’t mention them! I’m still happy to get nice ones, but I won’t be picky about them :slight_smile:

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To anyone wondering which were the stamps I don’t like. It’s those:

Looking at them now, they are actually kind of cool, especially with how two of them form one picture, but I never use both, so it never shows the whole picture.


HalloWelt, you can use those stamps or one of them and some lower value stamps with it. I like them 100 times more than the new 0,95 euros German stamps where is the QR code.

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Well, it is just as with card. The card you dislike is another members most treasured one. :woman_shrugging:

I try to mix up stamps on a card, so some are not as pretty and others are. But at least they are prettier than the standard stamp. :grin:

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