What do postcrossers mean, if they wish for a "lost place"?

Lately I came across the wish for cards with “lost places”.
Could someone explain, please, what is meant with that phrase?
Is it another collection or does it mean abandoned houses or … anything else?
Thank you!

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I think that is a question you would have to ask directly to the person who wrote it. I would interpret it as anything from ghost towns to Atlantis.


Well, yes, but I didn’t want to ask people whose adress I’ve drawn on official site of pc.

Thank you for your interpretation!

I would think that these are the postcards that they don’t have yet. And they would like to find them.

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I think it refers to all kinds of abandoned places that are falling apart and maybe start being reclaimed by nature. Abandoned houses, empty shopping centres, closed down gas stations, etc.

Though I’m not sure if they’re specifically looking for modern places that were abandoned quite recently or would also like ancient ruins like a temple overgrown by the jungle.


Lost places mean abandoned areas, houses which are left alone, a lot of fotografers appreciate this special scenery where nature is coming back. I love these cards.


Thank you all for the answers! I get a feeling for this term.
Seems not as defined as some others, but quite clear enough.

‘Lost places’, ‘abandoned places’ are modern ruins, i.e. buildings from the 19th, 20th (and maybe already 21st) century that are no longer used. Here are a few of them.

In Germany, I know many of them in the Berlin region. Once upon the time they were well organized hospitals, apartment blocks, swimming pools, military barracks, airports, experimental development sites, etc. Among the best known places may be the Teufelsberg in Berlin, a former US listening station, or bucket-wheel excavators left abandoned in a field after the stop of lignite mining.

Since 2016 a British TV documentary popularized ‘Lost Places’ worldwide through local TV programs.


In Berlin, pictures of lost places around the city and its suburbs were taken by Ricardo Nuno and are published by mauerpix. You’ll find them in the usual tourists shops.


No, it’s not :slight_smile:

I collect these too and got around 70 through Postcrossing.

I know there are at least 4 or 5 postcard books with abandoned places and of course way more with ruins with more historic background - nevertheless it’s the same for most collectors.

And some years ago I found a Box with about 250 cards of abandoned places on eBay. Unfortunately I’ve been to late to get them, they showed places all around the world.


Searching for Lost Places Kiel brought this one:

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OMG I love this theme as well XD
IMO it is someting that is mostly unused or abandoned, like ruins of old factories, cinemas, and mansions.
Their mystery keep people thinking what happened to them.