What did you acquire for postcrossing?

More Stamps for me from ePost Office

And look my post office account brought me new stamps of 2024, despite of plan of 4, they just send 2 Stamps in each dispatch haha


I know I really shouldn’t because I’ve got many cards but it was a steal!

@EmmaG Please let me know if you’re still interested in the mice cards, I’ll send you a PM if you are (my PMs are closed) :wink:


That’s so kind of you to think of me, thank you :smiling_face: but I managed to get the cards I was looking for x

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No problem, I seem to recall you looking for them a while back. Glad to hear that you’ve got it sorted out :smile:


Small stamp order from USPS with hummingbirds and sailboats, plus Xmas snow globes to save for later. And a new catalogue to enjoy (available digitally at StampsForever.com)


Dear Ana_Karp: I know this trouble with purchasing extra postcards…But is there really ever such a saying as having enough postcards? :~)

Pardon me, while this post is a few years old, I couldn’t help but add my reply. Once I start collecting something, I have a really hard time stopping! I’ve even considered purchasing a little, rectangular container to bring with me on my adventures to different places so that I have a secure place to store postcards during travel.
Postcards come in such a variety of photographs and graphic art, it’s really hard not to scoop them up when I’m out-and-about, or when I somehow happen upon Etsy and cannot help but perusing every online shop!

My mum has even began endorsing into my postcard-collecting passion. I love having the perfect postcard individualised to the person I am sending it to… So, having a variety of unique postcards is just become wonderful.

So…Too many postcards?? That’s not a thing! :~)

Cheers, Snowbird28 :sunflower:


200 older stamps at a local stamp show for 60% of face value. :star_struck:


Stamps my pal gifted me, and i might use them for postage :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I found this postcard book at a yard sale :kissing_heart::it::coin: They are black-and-white photos of Italy that the artist-photographer then hand-coloured in “earthy pastels”.

How could I leave it behind? Only twenty-five cents! (Canadian cents. That’s 15 cents American! :laughing:)


I do not live in Italy!
I’ve never been to Italy!
I do not know if anyone will want these cards!!

But the cards are really lovely … hmm :thinking:


I feel so lucky today! I bought postcards on an online 2nd hand platform and went to get them this morning at my delivery point.
I love Cavallini, the vintage black and white photography by Doisneau, Botanicum and all 108 (!) Mirabelle postcards! The latter are a bit thinner than normal postcards (panini postcards), but I’ve sent similar ones from Gorjuss before without a problem.


I love those! Do you always buy more than 1?


Where do you find these?

I went to a coin & stamp show being held by a local coin & stamp club. There were a couple people selling stamps and I told one that I spoke to that I was looking for older stamps to use for postage. He showed me all the sets of stamps he had for sale (in groups of 100) and that he was selling them for 60% of face value. I was so excited. I got a set of 20 cent stamps and a set of 29 cent stamps. I would google stamp shows in your area and see what you can find. This was my first time going to a stamp show and it was well worth it.


Yes! :smiley: If it is cards I love myself I buy one for myself and some to send off, as I love to have a variety of cards to choose from.

The zoo cards are expensive though and I rarely send them as official cards. More likely for special exchanges or to friends, penfriends,…

When I went on holiday, I always bought lots of cards (mainly for my collection), and often very many of one picture, that I sent out to all my friends. That is really practical, if you often visit the same place (last time I sent everybody cards of this castle, now I’ll send this church,…). :slight_smile:

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Space washi tapes! :sparkles:

And some Europa Stamps. I love this year’s theme… but I don’t like our design.


I just got that exact same washi tape :ringer_planet: x

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I’ve clearly gone stark raving mad :crazy_face: and bought some sticker books and 2 note-books where I’ll write all :snail: :email: sent off (also the postmarks I’ve asked for) and all precious cards and letters, parcels even, that land in my :mailbox_with_mail: (<- but my mailbox looks nothing like this!)!



I have gotten

  1. Sharpie 's permanent marker set (it was imported as we don’t get them here in India!)
  2. CD Markers fine tip
  3. Permanent Markers bold & fine tip
  4. Waterproof roller pens for postcards (which didn’t work)
  5. Extra sets of Coloured Ball Pens
  6. Postcard books
  7. Premium postcard books
  8. Stamps at premium rates only to realise what a stupid person I am!
  9. Envelopes tons of them!
  10. Stickers lots and lots of them
  11. Candy only to know i can’t send them
  12. Beads bracelets for happy mail
  13. Tons of 100 set postcards
  14. Stamp album to collect stamps
  15. Bank note album to collect currency
  16. Earrings for happy mail
  17. Sticker books
  18. Airmail stickers
  19. Return address stickers
  20. Happy Mail stamps only to realise water will ruin them and most don’t absorb ink so it blots.

Roller glue & glue & water dipper for stamps to stick


This is my rearranged happy mails / postcards packing drawer that mainly has packaging materials + other stocks of postcards.