What Could I Send?

May I send a letter with an envelope?


You could send a letter but kindly see the profile of the person to who you are sending.
Because some might like to recieve a card stamped and marked while others might like it in a envelope to protect it from the moisture , humidity and to protect it from curious eyes also .
But it is better if u send a card according to me as people have joined postcrossing to recieve cards not a letter , but it is entirely up to you. I love recieving letters as well as cards as letters are more spacious to write messages but a card also depicts a beutifull scene.
Hope i haven’t confused you further. :smile:

Best wishes
B Shashidar Pai


You can send a letter but you should include a postcard in the envelope. This is clearly written in the FAQ https://www.postcrossing.com/help/what-can-i-send-on-postcrossing

Postcrossing is a postcard exchange page and not a letter exchange page.

Please read the profile(s) carefully if someone also appreciates to receive a letter or a card within an envelope. Most people prefer their cards written and stamped.


You are really new, welcome!

I think @grizzabella has answered your question well. Postcrossing is for sending and receiving Postcards and not for exchanging letters.

Because your main Postcrossing profile is not filled out, I do not know how good your English is. If you would rather ask your question in Chinese, there is also a Chinese Language Section in the Forum. The people there can also help you with questions like “what is a postcard.”

Best wishes and again, welcome!


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Since the website is created for postcard, i think first at all you have to send a postcard. Sending in an envelope is not always available because some people like me do not like this way. However, some people would appreicate it. You’d better check their profile that if they like or not.
What can be sent within an envelope besides a postcard? As my experience, China Post allows most tiny items. I have sent candy, tea bags, bookmarks, washi tape, etc…The only thing is you need pay more money because the weight becomes larger. If you really want to send something, i recommand EMS rather than normal post.


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