What are your largest and your smallest postcards?

Dear fellow postcrossers,
Just like many of you I guess, all my postcards are not of the same format. Some are “average” but others are more…Original.
For example, I have these two tiny cards that look like babies compared to the largest postcard I own :
To compare, there si also an average size postcard on the picture (10x15 cm)

I absolutely adore cute little cards but I am not sure the recipient might like it if I would send it to them, so I tend to keep them for myself haha.

What do you think about receiving / sending a smaller card ?
What about bigger cards ?

Do you also have special format in your collection ? Feel free to show the largest and the smallest cards you own / sent / received !

Take care and happy postcrossing,


I have this tiny letter set which is really cute! And this super cute Gotochi card.
And this set of tiny vintage “postcards”

Editing to add these which I used to have hanging on my walls. I guess they can be postcards since there is a printing on the back that says stamp goes here. They are 8 x 10 inches

Here they are all together so you can see the normal size card compared to the largest and smallest


I love unusual cards. Unique shapes, oversized, or tiny are all of interest to me. But, as you say, I am sometimes reluctant to send such cards because I know some people don’t like them or find storage awkward since they don’t fit neatly into albums.


I have at home a really huge christmas card from sweden. Need to search.

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That tiny stationery set is the cutest ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I received these two cute small postcards, they circa are as big as one hand.

I like them, but don’t have such small cards im my stock. In Germany you have send them in a evenlope nowadays.


Are the smaller ones really cards?
I think I recognise the “blossom” one, this style a least, and I think these are journaling cards for scrapbooking etc., even when some of those say “post card”. (Likewise there are things that say passport etc.) I have had some of those too, but would not send as postcard. I almost remember the brand of this too. Some of those you cut from a sheet, and some sell those pre cut.

My biggest are A5. smallest I think the “normal” postcard size.
I prefer the normal. I worry the big ones get bent, and small ones lost :slight_smile:

This is my biggest sent, it’s A5 size, so twice the normal size.

this is one of the smallest, a received one, only a little smaller than normal, very cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:,:


Two years ago for World Postcard Day we ordered A5 size by mistake so those are the largest I’ve ever sent out. I had masses of smaller denomination stamps at the time, so there was plenty of space to use some of those up.


I have a few scrapbooking postcards and I think they are so beautiful. I would be really happy to receive a card with such a beautiful pattern but just like you, I wouldn’t dare send it. I would consider them real cards but not “real” enough to be sent out :blush:.
Some are also sent with the matching envelope and some decorations that go with them. I love it !
If I remember correctly, the “blossom” one was sold as a postcard, in a postcard set, and the butterfly one was printed on a piece of paper with an envelope and ephemeras. I remember the brand of this last one and it is Stamperia.

Same goes for the postcards that are pre-cut from magazines and such, I would only send them as a little extra in an envelope during swaps if the recipient wants the initial card(s) to be in an envelope.

If you happen to remember the brand name of the blossom one, please tell me because the design of this “card” just blow my mind :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::love_letter:

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I think it could be “Graphic 45”, the other side is colourful too.
They have many size papers where you can cut these, but also thicker pre cut things.

(Actually Stamperia was in my mind too :smile: but I believe Graphic 45 has these cards.)

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That’s it ! Thank you very much ! They are so beautiful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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This is definitely the largest card I’ve received. It arrived without envelope in almost perfect shape! Only one of the ears had a fold.

I’ve also received a tiny folded card (meant as a card to go along with a gift) in an envelope through Postcrossing!

I’m surprised both of them survived the journey :blush:


My smallest



And my largest(compared to a regular sized card on its left)

Both my smallest card and my largest card are given by friends;-)


I have some odd sizes, both large and small :slightly_smiling_face:

Large (8.25x5.75 inches or 20.955x14.605 cm):

Large (7.75x5.5 inches or 19.685x13.97 cm):

Small (5.5x 3.75 inches or 13.97x9.525 cm):

Small from the 1970s (5.5x3.5 inches or 13.97x8.89 cm):

Small wooden and very thick/heavy…weighing about 1.2 oz so I haven’t sent any yet because of the extra postage :face_with_spiral_eyes: (5x3.5 inches or 12.7x8.89 cm <— this is the minimum acceptable size for a piece of mail according to the USPS):

Largest and smallest comparison:


Wow the wooden cards are lovely especially the road trip one

A comparison here


I don’t mind receiving irregular sized postcards. They’re interesting to see. But I understand in some countries they need extra postage. :slight_smile:

My largest received postcard is a 3D card with the size about 23x15 cm (9x6 inches), and the smallest one is about 14x9 cm (5.6x3.6 inches). Comparison with regular sized postcard :


This is my largest received card, it’s about A4 size so huuuge!