What are your favourite Royal Mail PHQ cards?

I was just looking to stock up on Royal Mail PHQ cards and PHQ maxicards, and wondered what people’s favourite sets/themes were?

In my experience I’ve found these ones have gone down well:

Sherlock Holmes

Queen Elizabeth II





Year of the Child

Discalimer: None of the images are my own and I do not have these cards available to swap.


How about the Lord of the Rings series?


That’s not a set I’ve had before but I can see it being very popular with postcrossers :star_struck:

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I love the birds a lot and the LotR one is great too. I also really like these:

Roald Dahl

Animal tales


Edward Lear

and many many more…


The Roald Dahl ones are lovely, as well as the Animal Tales ones! All great suggestions, thank you! :smiley:

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I don’t have photo’s at hand at the moment, but I love the Ladybird book covers series, the classic cars… Sherlock Holmes is indeed great as well…
Don’t know if the Beatles stamps came with PHQ cards as well…


I hadn’t heard of the ladybird books ones before :hushed: I’ve just looked them up and they are great :smiley:

I’ve actually got some of the British Motorcar cards as maxicards. However I haven’t had a lot of interest in them so far in offer tags which is a shame as I thought they were lovely and would go so fast!

The Beatles stamps would have had a matching PHQ set - I believe every stamp issue in the UK does!


I love the 1997 greetings stamps (the nice illustrated flowers from Kew)… but not that many people have flowers on their profile

Otherwise, there are some Harry Potter ones with book covers (from 2006/7, I think). They’re cool…


I love those flower ones too! I’ve never had them as PHQ cards though, but have had several sheets of stamps when I’ve ordered from Philatelink. I think they look beautiful on cards!

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Oooh… lucky to get them from Philatelink… my latest order has lots of boring people stamps (even a Maggie Thatcher one) and war ones :roll_eyes:. It’s potluck… the previous one had plenty of cool ones :grinning:

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I’ve found that it’s a bit hit or miss! I don’t mind too much since the prices are lower than anywhere else I’ve found. But it is sometimes a little disappointing when you get a lot of boring ones :confused:

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I think my favourite PHQ cards are those that I would never have deliberately bought (I buy job lots from eBay, so never know what I’m going to get), but match a really niche interest. For example, scouting:

An interest in archaeology:


Microscopy (just realised this is to a forum member @lauranalanthalasa )


A few from the British Auto Legends series: (from my own collection :see_no_evil:)


Yes, these are great.

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I have some Harry Potter ones and they are always well received.
Are the ones of the Queen still available from Royal Mail? I struggle to find royal family cards and a lot of people ask for them in their profiles.


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@roving I don’t believe they are still available from Royal Mail but I got my set from eBay!

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How am I ever going to pick which ones to get now :joy: So many great suggestions! :heart_eyes:

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Yes, totally agree with you Nat @NatM, that Harry Potter book cover series in 2007 was sooo cool.
I was not yet in Postcrossing and I was not back to my stamp collecting hobby at that time. :sweat:
Got the presentation pack, but not the PHQ postcards.
The price is quite expensive now for that postcards set. :sweat_smile:

As a Harry Potter and Star Wars fan, my fav would be Harry Potter and Star Wars PHQ. :rofl:
But yes, in general I like PHQ cards because it’s a stamp card. Colorful, cute illustration, nice photo that shows the beauty of nature/landmark and ofcourse royal family, are always welcome. :wink:

Hope this won’t confuse you even more, @geo_


I’m sure it is pretty safe to say, that almost any and every PHQ postcard/maxicard is bound to please a postcrosser.

I still have a mountain to work through, its matching them to a profile is the fun part of the experience.

I’m trying to resist buying more off Ebay, including discontinued Isle of Man & Channel Islands PHQ cards.


I have the Pooh card it my collection, it’s very nice!

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